Our Program

Sell Your Scrap Gold or Fine Jewelry

We offer a safe, trusted and reliable way to sell your fine jewelry and scrap gold. Start now!

Selling Scrap Gold for Cash:

Sell us your unwanted, broken or scrap gold or silver (sterling flatware too) – in any condition. We pay top dollar, and you can receive your money in as little as 24 hours.

We'll send you a free, insured shipping kit, and make a video of your items being unpacked and weighed. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or we'll return everything promptly and for free.

Selling Your Fine Jewelry:

Sell us your diamond, designer, fine gemstone, gold or platinum jewelry in good condition from any era. Additionally, we now buy Rolex watches. We look for unique pieces with unusual designs and fine craftsmanship. Our expert team of buyers ensures an accurate appraisal and the best possible prices for your treasures.

You’ll receive a free, insured shipping kit, and a video of your items being unpacked for you to view.

C. 1960 Vintage Tiffany Jewelry 14kt Yellow Gold Flower Pin #882296