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What kind of Jewelry Should You Wear with a Red Dress?

Model Wearing Red Dress

A red dress is a bold, enthusiastic and expressive choice for a night out or special event. An emotionally intense hue, the color red is said to represent traits like power, strength, energy, excitement and passion. Many are left with a memorable impression after seeing a lady in red – it is no wonder why there are so many popular songs written about it!

Complementary Color Pallet

Once you've picked out the appropriate red hue for your skin tone and preference, you are left with one last important task before your outfit is complete: choosing the right jewelry to complement your dress!

Here are a few examples of different types of jewelry in popular color pallets that will look perfect when paired with your red dress…


Yellow Gold Jewelry

Perhaps the most popular jewelry to pair with a red dress is yellow gold jewelry. Both red and gold colors exude a warm tone and have a natural and attractive look to them when paired together, making this duo a popular match. Take a look at some of your favorite red dress moments from celebrity 'A-listers' and red carpet stylists, and you will be sure to notice a trend with this popular combination. Add a yellow gold piece with diamonds or pearls for just the right amount of sparkle, and you'll be the life of any party!


White Gold Jewelry

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the crisp and polished look of white gold can also be a great pairing with a red dress! While the tone of white gold is on the cool side, this can sometimes cast an exciting high-contrast look when paired with a warmer tone like red. For a more affordable option, you can achieve the same look with sterling silver jewelry.


Which Is Better?

When it comes to deciding on yellow gold, sterling silver, or white gold jewelry – it can be all about your personal preference. All three options give you the opportunity to incorporate practical and versatile pieces in with your statement-making red attire. Perhaps you have a favorite yellow gold link necklace that you'd like to wear, or maybe you really like the way your white gold diamond ring looks against the particular shade of red. Either way, have confidence that either option will be a winning combination.


Diamonds, Crystals, Pearls & Other Gemstones

Diamonds and pearls are extremely versatile and neutral, and can easily be worked into any red ensemble. You could even go with a dramatic black onyx necklace to stand out, or a gorgeous ruby ring to accentuate the beautiful red hues of your dress!

Depending on the shade of your red dress, the possibilities for pairing are virtually endless! These tips are a place to get started, so go ahead and shop the Ross-Simons collection for always affordable options to pair with your show-stopping dress. Have fun with your jewelry. Be creative, and remember that red is a color of confidence – so no matter what you choose to pair with your dress, you will steal the show the minute you walk into a room!