What to Wear

Jewelry Wardrobe Update

Here are a few simple tips to help you makeover your jewelry wardrobe.

Evaluate: Take inventory of what you currently own. Do you have any broken pieces that can be fixed? Only have one earring? Are there similarities? Do you have all stud earrings but no drops or chandeliers. Think about shape, color, and pairings. New selections should help you diversify and devise more looks.

Purge and Organize: Purge whatever is broken, cannot be fixed or is missing its counterpart. Donate or sell whatever you can't see yourself wearing. The goal is to have an uncluttered and organized jewelry box.

Get Inspired: Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Think about what you'd like to wear to upcoming big events such as weddings, showers, parties. Look at catalogs, Pinterest and fashion magazines for inspiration.

Make a List: This will remind you of what you need to add to your jewelry wardrobe. Must-haves include: a signature ring, pendant, stackable rings and bracelets, classic pearls and go-with-everything hoops.

Shop: With your wish list in hand, happy shopping!

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