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Lockets: Jewelry with a Meaning

Originally, lockets offered a way to carry around a small painted portrait of a loved one. Then, in the 1840's, lockets became a popular way to carry a daguerreotype picture. Daguerreotype was one of the earliest photographing techniques, requiring the subject to sit for at least thirty minutes (seems like a lot, but this was a great deal shorter than painting a portrait). At this time, lockets were quite large and reserved for wealthy aristocrats.

History of Lockets

In 1860, lockets turned into a symbol of mourning. People would wear a locket to express their loss, holding either a picture of the deceased or a lock of their hair. It was a beautiful way to remember a loved one and keep them close to the heart. But when photography became widely available to the general public, lockets really took off as a fashion statement and emblem of romance. Their size became smaller and they were given as gifts to girlfriends, wives, and family members.

Lockets are still fashionable today, given a presents for almost any occasion or passed down as heirlooms. A heart locket is commonly given as a token of love and romance and some lockets are even monogrammed to really make it personal. They are usually suspended from chains and worn as pendants, but it isn't unusual to see a locket bracelet. Many people like to collect vintage or antique lockets and display them in their homes. No matter the motive, a locket is always beautiful and timeless choice.

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What to Put in a Locket

Lockets are still traditionally used to hold a photo or lock of hair. However, you're not limited to these two options! Fold up a tiny love note to keep inside or a small strip of fabric from your loved one's clothing. If you want to remember a very special day, clip a ticket stub or an event program. But a locket doesn't have to be used for remembrance. You can decorate the inside with colorful paper or glitter or use it to hold your favorite fortune cookie message.

Ross-Simons' Locket Jewelry Collection

A locket necklace allows you to personalize your jewelry in a meaningful way. Our collection features gorgeous lockets for women and children. Set in gold or sterling silver, a locket could be a circle, oval, heart, or rectangle in small to larger sizes. Some are embossed or engraved with floral, heart, or cross motifs, while others may be adorned with diamonds or gemstones. Make your jewelry momentous with lockets from Ross-Simons.

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