The Orbita Watch Winder Collection

Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, Orbita began their journey in 1996. In a short time, they became one of the world's leading manufacturers of watch winders for automatic and manual-wound watches. They owe their success to new technological advancements and unique case designs. Raising the bar on quality, they offer watch winders with precise mechanics and superior materials to make sure your watches are wound gently and accurately.

In addition to watch winders, they also manufacture storage cases, safes and flashlights.

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Orbita Design Philosophy

Orbita's company philosophy is to create products that work perfectly and look beautiful. Attention to detail and a commitment to lasting value are the cornerstones of their business. They want people to enjoy the aesthetics of their designs in addition to their high-performance functions.

About Orbita Designer Watch Winders

Orbita's watch winders involve a ball-bearing construction and solid-state controls. They offer two different patented movements, both made in the USA:

Programmable: Uses a microprocessor control for winding cycles of 650, 800, 950, 1300 or 1600 Turns Per Day (TPD). You can choose a clockwise, counter-clockwise or automatic reversing rotation. The Swiss-designed motor operates on 6VDC battery power using either alkaline C cells or with a supplied AC/DC adapter.

Rotorwind: Instead of rotating the watch, this movement mimics the natural action of the wrist with a swinging motion. The low-current motor only requires power every 8-12 minutes for a mere few seconds. This concept allows the battery's life to extend years instead of months.

Ross-Simons Orbita Watch Winder Collection – Since automatic watches are designed to wind as you wear them, you'll need a watch winder to keep them functioning while not in use. Luckily, we offer a stunning selection of high-quality Orbita watch winders. Each is meticulously designed and fine tuned to suit the specific requirements of your watch. In addition to the precise mechanical workings, these watch winders also feature the finest finishes for an attractive display. Choose from handcrafted and detailed marquetry, leather, multi-layered lacquering, and modern carbon fibers.

Ross-Simons: Authorized Orbita Watch Winder Retailer

Ross-Simons is an authorized retailer for Orbita watch winders. Every Orbita purchase comes with Ross-Simons' 100% satisfaction guarantee. Browse Ross-Simons' Orbita selection online or speak with a specialist at 1-800-835-0919