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Jewel Tones That are Fabulous

We are enamored with jewel tones! Emerald is just one shade of green that is always an envious item to possess. While the more transparent emeralds are the most stunning to look at, we are also intrigued by milkier versions. What they lack in shine, they make up for in richness.

Amethyst and Peridot Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver #773192 London Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace with Diamonds in Sterling Silver #769316

Jewelry Precious Stones Rings #864846

Another amorous accessory is amethyst. Wearing this pretty purple will give you a regal look to rule any room you are in. Framing this gem in diamonds ups the elegance even more!

Blue gemstones including sapphire and blue topaz also make gorgeous choices.

Wondering how to wear jewel tones? Here are some tips: Pair rough versions with more casual outfits for everyday, especially in ring form. Save your more lustrous gemstones for special occasions. They are naturally assertive, so let them pop by wearing neutral colors. Pairing them with black and white instantly increases the sophistication in your outfit every time. But don't be afraid to pair these gems with colorful outfits as well. Going twice as bold is sure to reel in double the compliments as long as you exude confidence!