Timeless Designs

Create Your Legacy with Classic Jewelry

Maybe you're not all about dropping thousands of dollars on a trendy piece of jewelry with a style expiration date – and we get that! You want something glamorous that can be worn throughout your lifetime and even passed down for generations to come. You want jewelry that can become a part of your legacy.

A great place to start is with diamonds and pearls. Diamonds and pearls are among the most classic pieces of jewelry that a woman can own, containing a luster that won't fade with time and a neutral shade that works with any outfit. Throughout time, you'll find these timeless gems in the possession of virtually anyone, from queens and actresses to mothers, great aunts, and even children. They're in the stores of today and yesterday, in museums and household jewelry boxes, and in bank vaults and dresser drawers.

But there is so much more to finding the right timeless piece than just the fact that it is a pearl or diamond. Here are some other details to consider while hunting for your ideal jewelry classic:

Jewelry Diamond Bracelets #885177

Traditional Designs that Fit Your Style

Are you all about the glam? For some real statements of sparkle and shine try these designs:

If sophistication is more your thing, go with styles that are more refined and subdued:

Need an element of interest? Try these classic motifs:

Colors that Won't Fade Out

2.75 Carat Sapphire and 1.00 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in 14kt White Gold #570911

It's true that the popularity of gemstone colors and metal tones change with time. Years ago, rose pink and yellow gold were all the rave, while today, everything is about emerald green and silver. But classic colors are consistently fabulous, no matter the current trend – classy two-tone gold, silky white pearls, and stunning near colorless diamonds. However, if this is too mild for your taste, try a timeless pop of color with rich, royal blue sapphire. The shade of the sapphire never goes out of style and is often thought of as an alternative to diamonds.

Timeless Affordability

If traditional diamonds and pearls don't fit your budget, have no fear. Try these fabulous low-cost alternatives:

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