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Cultured Pearls: Go For Baroque

More and more, people are asking our jewelry experts, "What are baroque pearls?" Very simply, baroque pearls have an asymmetrical shape. The intriguing quality of these pearls is that no two are ever exactly alike. Think about that — each one is a unique treasure from Mother Nature.

Known for their impressive size and notable luster, baroque pearls can be surprisingly affordable. Our latest collection includes something for every budget, from refined drop earrings to ultra-long necklaces adorned with precious gems.

There are so many creative ways to showcase the beauty of baroque, like adding glittering diamonds and colored stones to the mix. When you pair one-of-a-kind pearls with gems in different sizes, shapes and shades, the look is breathtaking and truly special.

Our collection also features a gorgeous palette of deep grays, golds, pinks and peaches — lush and opulent looks for absolutely any season, any occasion. And because many of the leading styles in jewelry celebrate global culture, Ross-Simons is delighted to offer baroque pearl designs direct from India and Thailand.

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