Gifts for New Moms & Push Present Ideas


We're always looking for new and exciting gift ideas to celebrate life's happiest times, right? Childbirth is one of life's most joyous occasions, and what better way to congratulate and celebrate a new mommy than with beautiful jewelry or a precious collectible?

Nao 'Light of My Days' Porcelain Figurine. #315094

We love this idea since it makes the new mom look and feel glamorous at the end of a challenging yet fulfilling pregnancy and labor. Because of the stunning variety, it's always easy to find a piece of jewelry that is as unique and meaningful as the wearer. Consult this gift guide for some sparkling suggestions on finding the perfect piece to celebrate both the mother and the milestone.

What is a "Push Present"?

When a man gives a gift to the mother of his baby—to appreciate and congratulate her—it's called a "push present." Okay, as a term, it's not really that pretty or poetic. But it gets the point across about all she's gone through to bring a new life into this world. Don't ya think mom deserves a little thank you?

Personalized Necklaces

If you're looking for personalized jewelry to add a special touch, consider name necklaces. These neckpieces feature bar pendants customized with the name of the child. Bar necklaces are very trendy and great for layering or wearing on their own. A mixed metal necklace featuring fashionable rose gold hues with sterling silver or white gold is a versatile accessory that pairs well with a variety of outfits, helping the new mom put together an up-to-the-minute look when she's ready to step out. Sounds fun and glitzy! A personalized pendant necklace engraved with the initials of the mom and baby is a signature piece that she's sure to cherish. Custom pendant necklaces make for a fabulous Mother's Day gift too. Or pick from a variety of alphabet necklaces in gold, sterling silver, or gold-over-silver designs. These treasures range from bold statement block letters to dainty and elegant italic styles, with several types incorporating small gemstone accents. Additional great options include roman date cutouts in various metal options or round pendants featuring intertwined letters for a highly fashion-forward and incredibly ornate look.


On-Trend Bracelets

Stunning, versatile, and highly wearable, bracelets are a thoughtful gift idea for new moms. When you're looking to pamper a new mama, it's worthwhile going the extra mile and choosing something exceptional. How about an intricately patterned ID bracelet with an engravable bar at the center? The elegant embossed name or initials of the mom complements the beautiful design of the link bracelet. Stack together with bangle bracelets for a perfect and gorgeous look. A personalized bangle with a customizable monogram charm is a chic accessory that's also easy to wear—a practical pick for a new mom juggling multiple things all at once. Charm bracelets that feature trinkets with the initials of the new mom or her baby look lovely too. The new mom can wear this charm bracelet on its own or team it with other pieces for contemporary flair.


Beautiful Earrings

Many women love to have a collection of beautiful earrings that they can pair with their favorite outfits. Diamond stud earrings make for a lavish gift that she's going to treasure as an heirloom piece. Pearl drop earrings or gemstone embellished hoop earrings are excellent ideas for a new mother's jewelry collection. Earrings pair well with any attire and transition seamlessly between daytime and evening ensembles. If you're ever in doubt about what to present as new mom jewelry, earrings should be your go-to item.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry commemorates the birth month of the new child. Since there's a unique birthstone for each month, birthstone gems are available in an array of colorful designs. From elegant bracelets, charms, pendants to birthstone encrusted rings, the options are limitless. The new mommy will appreciate your thoughtful gesture, and the lovely hue of the birthstone is sure to complement many of her wardrobe outfits.


New Mom Gifts for the Home

Another push present idea might be something for the home. An engraved silver picture frame or gorgeous crystal vase for the mantel are always great options. Capture the occasion with a fabulous porcelain figurine keepsake of mother and child.