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Valentine's Day Ideas for An Awesome Date Night

Are you looking to celebrate a perfect Valentine's Day with a loved one? There are so many different ways to spend the day, and the most important thing is to find something that you will both love. You can always go out to a romantic dinner and bring her roses, but if you are looking for something new and exciting this year check out our Date Night Ideas on Pinterest.

Create an indoor picnic. Set up a blanket on the living room floor, set some mood lighting and spend a nice, quiet and romantic night at home. Or, depending on the weather, set up a projection screen and Christmas tree lights in your backyard and have an outdoor movie night.

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Valentine's Day Gifts

Whatever you decide to do for your special Valentine's Day date, it's always a good idea to have a present, even if it is something small that comes from the heart. Here are 10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for every budget:

  1. Give a dozen roses and tag each one with something you love about your special someone.
  2. Create a coupon book of little things that your date can redeem and have them expire next Valentine's Day.
  3. Show her how much you love her with symbolic jewelry: heart jewelry express affection and love knot jewelry express devotion.
  4. Craft a book with a deck of cards and have "The 52 Things I Love About You."
  5. Wow her with diamonds! A diamond tennis bracelet, diamond studs, diamond solitaire necklace – classics she'll cherish forever.
  6. Make a date jar and fill it with different fun things for the two of you to do.
  7. Find something she'll love in our collection of gifts under $100. She'll love all the sparkle of CZs and sterling silver and you'll love the price tags!
  8. Have various surprises planned throughout the night and give her an envelope of riddles to guess each one. Could be a horse-drawn carriage ride, a dinner at a nice restaurant, or reservations for a couples dance class.
  9. Name a star after her and accompany it with a twinkling piece of star jewelry.
  10. If the time is right, why not make it a night to remember with an engagement ring?

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