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August Birthstone Gifts are Special for All Occasions

Gifting birthstone jewelry for a special occasion is a fabulous tradition – and it makes the shopping process a bit easier! Our collection of August birthstone jewelry is classically styled to satisfy all tastes and emphasize the natural color and sparkle of birthstone peridot. You'll find everyday peridot stud earrings, elegant peridot pendant necklaces, lush peridot tennis bracelets, and timeless peridot rings.

Some designs have a little extra sparkle with touches of diamond accents. You can focus on affordability with our sterling silver peridot jewelry or find something more luxurious in our gold peridot jewelry collection. Browse around and you'll be sure to find the perfect piece. Here are some of our favorite occasions for buying peridot birthstone jewelry:

Jewelry Semi Precious Earrings #226400


The most classic way to gift peridot birthstones is for an August birthday. That jewelry-loving sister or friend could really use something to symbolize the day their life began. And you can make that happen with peridot August birthstone jewelry. Maybe you have an aunt or cousin who is into astrology or metaphysics. They'll appreciate the birthstone's connection to the Leo zodiac and all of the positive energy and healing properties it contains.


What better way to say "congrats" than with beautiful peridot birthstones? Award to a daughter or granddaughter as a graduation gift, or offer as a "Push present" to a mother with a newborn August baby. The pale green color of peridot could represent new beginnings, imitating the same hue of fresh spring leaves.


Say that you're sorry with some August jewelry. This could be a present to make up for a mistake you made or a way to offer your condolences. Sweeten the mood and bring cheer. Peridot is believed to contain a positive energy which can insight happy thoughts and bring ease to a difficult situation.


Traditionally, a peridot August birthstone is gifted for a 16th wedding anniversary. But you can use it for any anniversary you'd like, as peridot is a classic symbol of love. Your wife, girlfriend, or fiance will adore you for it!

Mother's Day:

If your mother or grandmother has an August birthday, you can honor them on Mother's Day with the August birthstone peridot. However, if they weren't born in August, you can still give them a piece of peridot birthstone jewelry that they'll love. The fresh lime hue of the gems is a great color for the spring season, one that any green-lover would appreciate.


August gemstones are what color? Green – – a classic Christmas color! Peridot birthstone jewelry can be a great festive gift for anyone or a special present for a loved one with an August birthday. Wrap it up in a box with a bow, or stick in a stocking; they'll love it just the same.

For an even wider selection of traditional to trendy styles, visit our full collection of peridot jewelry.