Henri Daussi Jewelry

offered by Sidney Thomas

With more than 40 years of diamond excellence, Henri Daussi designs jewelry that highlights the true brilliance of a diamond. Henri Daussi hand selects diamonds and a master diamond cutter cuts each gem to its full beauty in Antwerp, Belgium. Those seeking perfection can rely on Henri Daussi to provide only the best diamonds and present them in a classic and eternal setting.

About Henri Daussi Jewelry

Henri Daussi founded his company more than 40 years ago. Today, the Loots family continues his tradition of diamond excellence. They said, "Cutting the world's most brilliant diamonds and creating only the finest jewelry has forever been a Loots family tradition. We are humbled and honored to provide the same excellence in craftsmanship and design set forth by our founder."

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The Henri Daussi Design Philosophy

Henri Daussi rough diamonds are sourced directly from the mines. All stones are carefully hand selected and polished according to specific dimensions set forth by the Loots family. Each diamond is cut to its full potential and beauty by a master diamond cutter.

Sidney Thomas: Authorized Henri Daussi Jewelry Retailer

Sidney Thomas is an authorized retailer for Henri Daussi designer jewelry. Every Henri Daussi jewelry purchase comes with Sidney Thomas' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and FREE shipping. Shop to find the perfect piece of Henry Daussi jewelry. If you'd like to browse our collection in person, we carry Henri Daussi jewelry at our retail store in Newark, DE. To speak with our Henri Daussi jewelry specialists, please call 1-800-819-9953.