Demeglio Jewelry

Award-winning Italian designer Roberto Demeglio's focus on design and technology has produced sensational results. His concept of fusing luxury, value and pleasure without ostentation reflects his passion and artistic craftsmanship. His aesthetic: an unconventional choice which is truly unique. Ross-Simons is proud to present stunning selections from this chic and trendy designer house, Demeglio.

About Demeglio Jewelry

Clearly, Demeglio designs convey a sophistication and elan that can only spring from the rich cultural wellspring of the Italian psyche. Inspired from the elemental shapes and motion found in nature, these unique pieces create a compelling body of work. It should come as no surprise that the designs of Roberto Demeglio have won the Las Vegas Couture competition more than once.

Ross-Simons' Demeglio Jewelry Collection Explore the exciting assortment of Demeglio designs now available at Ross-Simons. Choose from stylized bracelets and rings and discover the "Domino" collection, ceramic and diamond pieces in black and white which are presented with innovation, skill and the unparalleled artistry of Italian elegance.

Jewelry Diamond Rings #866237

The Demeglio Design Philosophy

Made 100% in Piedmont, the designs of Roberto Demeglio convey true luxury without ostentation. Authentic value is a core ideal of the Demeglio profile, as are a passion for technique and an instinct for artistic craftsmanship. A true balance of design flair, technical experimentation and craft tradition results in jewelry that is always a pleasure to wear. Demeglio designs frequently feature diamonds against the skin, which he terms "the caress of light itself." This beautiful image captures the poetry of Demeglio designs.

Ross-Simons: Authorized Demeglio Jewelry Retailer

Ross-Simons is an authorized retailer for Demeglio designer jewelry. Every Demeglio jewelry purchase comes with Ross-Simons' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and FREE shipping. Shop to find the perfect piece of Kwiat jewelry. To speak with our Demeglio jewelry specialists, please call 1-800-835-0919.