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Wearing Peridot Birthstones in August

August is the 8th month of the year, containing a full 31 days. It gets its name from the esteemed Caesar Augustus and means "majestic, honored, and sacred." It's no wonder that peridot, one of the most revered gemstones of the ancient times, has been deemed the official birthstone for the month of August.

During August, there are three ways you enjoy its beautiful peridot gemstone:

1. Celebrate your birthday: if you're an August baby, then peridot is your birthstone. So celebrate by wearing some of your favorite pieces of August birthstone jewelry! If you don't own any, now is an opportune time to ask for one (or two) as a gift. How about a peridot heart necklace or a peridot jewelry set?

2. Follow the birthstone tradition: Many believe that a birthstone's metaphysical properties are enhanced when worn during its month. Since August is the peridot birth month, you may be able to experience its full effect while wearing it throughout the full 31 days. According to legend, peridot produces positive energy, prosperity and love, and can heal things like liver and stomach illness and physical and emotional pain.

3. Just for fun: This vibrant gemstone of August has a spirited lime green color. It's a perfect way to add some pizzazz to tired outfits. And if you feel down because summer is at its end, peridot can cheer you up with its bright glow and positive influence. We recommend a peridot sterling silver ring or bracelet so you can admire at it all day long!

Enjoy the month with August birthstone jewelry and celebrate all year long with our other birthstone jewelry collections.

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