Selling Your Gold: What You Should Know Before You Sell

Everyone knows about the climbing gold prices lately. But if you have unwanted gold jewelry you'd like to sell, there a few things you should know. The number one rule is: go to someone you trust! With the amazing resources on the internet, you can research trusted jewelers, and of course, personal references are an excellent resource.

Even with a trusted gold buyer, you should have some background information to help you understand the appraisal and pricing explanation. For example, when selling gold jewelry, you should know the current price that buyers pay for gold, depending on what karat gold you have. If the buyer is just looking for scrap gold, they'll likely want to slice into it on the spot to make sure that it is solid gold and not gold plate. Before doing this they should explain to you that if it is real, they promise to buy it from you, and if it is not real, they will not pay for it and you'll end up with broken jewelry.

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Lastly, before you sell your gold Estate jewelry, think about the sentimental value before the monetary value, because you don't want to have regrets. At a gold buy once, we met a woman selling a large amount of jewelry as scrap gold. As our head Estate Buyer was sifting through it, he found a simple gold band that had initials and the year "1872" engraved on the inside. He showed it to the seller and she realized it was her grandmother's wedding ring, more than 100 years old. We ended up making it into a pendant for her, and she avoided accidentally selling a priceless family heirloom!

In response to our customers asking us to buy their unwanted gold jewelry, we created an easy-to-use online gold buying system. You can access it here.