Platinum Jewelry is a Beautiful Metal Choice

Some consider platinum to be the hero of the jewelry world. It's one of the most durable precious metals, hypoallergenic, resists tarnish and is quite rare. It takes 10 tons of ore to create one ounce of platinum. Platinum jewelry is usually 90-95% pure platinum.

Platinum jewelry looks better and better as it ages with time. This is because when platinum scratches, no mass is lost. Over the years, platinum jewelry naturally develops what is called a "patina," a finish that gives the jewelry an incomparable vintage feel. As such, platinum engagement rings and platinum wedding rings remain stunning and strong decades after they are first worn.

Although platinum was not regularly used in jewelry until the Art Deco period of the early 1900's, its popular appeal remains today. The high quality of platinum rendered is suitable to be the used for the setting for the crown presented to the Queen Mum in 1937. This crown hosts legendary Mountain of Light diamond.

From the Crown Jewels to your own jewelry box at home, platinum jewelry is the jewelry choice that is 'to the Queen's taste'.

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