Platinum Jewelry: A Handy Guide


First gaining popularity in the early 1900s during the Art Deco period, platinum jewelry remains a prominent fashion trend in the present day. In fact, platinum's popularity has only grown with time, becoming one of the most coveted precious metals. The phrase "platinum" is often used to denote luxury and exclusivity, more so than even gold. For instance, the most successful albums "go platinum," and "platinum" club members enjoy greater privileges than those of "gold" status.

C. 1970 Vintage 17.10 ct. t.w. Diamond Leaf with Bow Pin in Platinum. #922148

Platinum's ethereal white color is undoubtedly its most prized and distinctive feature. This ghostly sheen is completely natural and can last many years due to the metal's extreme durability. Thanks to its enduring beauty, more couples than ever are choosing platinum for their engagement rings and wedding bands. However, platinum's popularity is not just limited to wedding rings. Modern jewelry makers use this precious metal to curate fine platinum jewelry that encompasses necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Regardless of the occasion, outfit, or personal taste, there's a platinum piece that's sure to wow you.


What is Platinum?

Platinum is a naturally occurring precious metal that's also exceedingly rare. Compared to gold, platinum is harder and more robust, making it an ideal choice for making long-lasting jewelry. Platinum jewelry looks better and better as it ages with time as it naturally develops a "patina," a finish that gives the jewelry an incomparable vintage feel. As such, platinum engagement rings and wedding rings remain stunning and strong decades after they are first worn.

How Pure is Platinum Jewelry?

Out of all the precious metals, platinum is the purest. Platinum pieces feature 95% pure metal, making them an excellent option for those seeking durable wedding rings that can stand up to daily wear and tear.

How Is Platinum Different from Silver and White Gold?

At first glance, silver, white gold, and platinum look almost the same. However, when it comes to shopping for platinum jewelry, the differences between them are pronounced. To get the best value, it's important to know the key differences between these three similar-looking metals. Platinum is about 40% denser than white gold. It's also much stronger and heavier than silver and white gold. Platinum doesn't change its color over time and is more durable than the others. It doesn't scratch easily and requires minimal maintenance when compared to gold or silver items. Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and four times as strong. This explains the reason why platinum is more valuable than gold.


Stylish Platinum Jewelry

Beautiful platinum jewelry elevates day and evening looks alike. This gleaming white metal marries wonderfully with gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires. Diamonds with platinum is an ethereal combination that makes a luxurious, high-end fashion statement.

Looking for an ultra-glamorous accessory for a special occasion? Try vintage platinum necklaces studded with diamonds and featuring heritage silhouettes. Flaunt this exclusive piece with a jewel-toned dress or an outfit in black or plum, and you're sure to set the stage on fire! A platinum pendant necklace with a pink tourmaline is a breath-taking accessory that exudes luxury with feminine allure. It's a fabulous selection to wear with a fuchsia dress or a blush pink top.

Give your wardrobe a swanky touch with a diamond-studded platinum bracelet. Choose from vintage, contemporary or minimalist patterns. Diamond-accented platinum bracelets work with any ensemble and transition easily between Sunday brunch and formal evening wear.

How about vibrant gem or birthstone to add a splash of color to your outfit? Precious or semiprecious stones play the lead role in beautiful pendants set in platinum. A large amethyst or aquamarine stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds makes for a glitzy pendant that's also very chic. Pair it with an elegant dress or a formal jumpsuit to own the evening in style!


Platinum Jewelry Care & Handling

As weighty as platinum is, it can still scratch, so keep your platinum jewelry safely stored when not in use. While platinum is not susceptible to many household corrosives like other precious metals, care should still be taken as these strong liquids can stain the gemstones in your platinum jewelry.