Platinum Jewelry

Although platinum was not regularly used in jewelry until the Art Deco period of the early 1900's, its popular appeal remains today. In fact, it has grown with time to become one of the most desirable metals. The phrase "platinum" is often used to indicate something more exclusive than gold. For instance, the most successful albums "go platinum," and "platinum" club members enjoy greater privileges than "gold" members do.

Platinum: The Best of the Best

Platinum jewelry looks better and better as it ages with time. This is because when platinum scratches, no mass is lost. Over the years, platinum jewelry naturally develops what is called a "patina," a finish that gives the jewelry an incomparable vintage feel. As such, platinum engagement rings and platinum wedding rings remain stunning and strong decades after they are first worn.

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Ross-Simons' Platinum Collection

Platinum's unparalleled durability and classic coloration make it an ideal choice for use in the Ross-Simons collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. You will also find incredible vintage platinum jewelry in the Ross-Simons Estate Collection, including Retro-era platinum rings and Edwardian platinum necklaces. If you are searching for heirloom-quality jewelry to withstand the test of time, browse the platinum collection at today.

PLATINUM: Most beautiful, durable, and coveted of metals used in jewelry. Platinum jewelry develops a beautiful patina over time or can always be polished, making it perfect for use in engagement rings and wedding rings.

Ross-Simons' Platinum Jewelry

Ross-Simons believes that fabulous jewelry crafting starts with great metals. Platinum is customarily alloyed with small amounts of other metals such as cobalt to adjust hardness and melting point. Every piece of platinum jewelry at Ross-Simons is stamped with a quality mark, indicating the percentage of platinum used in the alloy. For example, Pt1000 is pure platinum, while 850Pt or 850Plat is 85% platinum and 15% other metals. Any jewelry with at least 95% platinum may simply be marked "Platinum" or "Plat" . Each piece of Ross-Simons' platinum jewelry is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Platinum Jewelry Care & Handling

As weighty as platinum is, it can still scratch, so keep your platinum jewelry safely stored when not in use. While platinum is not susceptible to many acids like other precious metals, care should still be taken as these strong liquids can stain the gemstones in your platinum jewelry.