Mixed Metal Jewelry

Sometimes one color just isn't enough – that's why our designers got creative with mixed metals jewelry. It's a trend you'll see on runway, in magazines, and at popular stores. And it doesn't stop at just blending different shades of gold (though that is still just as prevalent). There once was an unspoken rule that a single piece of jewelry had to be made from only one type of metal: just gold, just silver, or just steel. Today, that rule is not only being broken, but also encouraged! Mixing together gold with sterling silver, or gold with steel, creates a gorgeous tonal effect and also keeps it affordable. And new rhodium, ruthenium, and PVD plating trends are stretching what designers can do with colors.

Two-Tone Jewelry

The two-tone look is considered to be classic. It's easy to match with your existing wardrobe and it won't turn over with changing color fads. 14kt and 18kt two-tone gold jewelry is the most traditional. Many people like the look of yellow and white gold together, but sometimes you'll see a blend of rose and white gold. The key is to pick two contrasting tones. It's eye-catching and also timeless in its appeal.

You can achieve the two-toned jewelry look for less with alternative metals. Mixing sterling silver with gold definitely keeps it luxurious and it'll cost you a fraction of the price! You can do the same with stainless steel and gold-plate. But to really maximize the savings, try a stainless steel with PVD coating. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a layer of colored film that forms over stainless steel in a vacuum chamber. It can mimic the look of any metallic color, it's durable, and most importantly, it's affordable!

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Tri-Colored Jewelry

14kt and 18kt tri-colored gold is the happy medium between traditional and trendy. The combination of white, yellow and rose gold takes classic tones and arranges them together in a modern way. If you have an eclectic sense of style, this look will be your go-to basic. It's funkier than any other metal piece, but still versatile enough to match with different outfits. Tri-tones will look especially fabulous against patterned tops!

But you don't have to invest in gold if it's not in your budget. There are other ways to accomplish the tri-color jewelry look. Just like with two-tone jewelry, combining different metals – gold, silver, steel, even bronze – will help make the style more affordable. We especially like the combination of sterling silver with yellow and rose gold over sterling silver.

Multi-Toned Jewelry

Here's where things get a little wild. Designers get experimental with the three standard tones (yellow, white, rose) and mix in new shades of gunmetal, bronze, or even oxidized sterling silver. This jewelry trend is for the daring and creative fashionistas, as it can get tricky to match it to other items in your jewelry collection. But you'll have fun playing around with mixed metal bangle bracelets, stackable rings, hoop earrings, and statement necklaces. It really provides the opportunity to express your individual style.