Gold Jewelry


In Ancient Greek mythology, Jason and his famous Argonauts confronted stormy seas, fire-breathing oxen, and a dragon to recover a divine Fleece of woven gold. Flash forward several thousand years to 1849, when tens of thousands of amateur prospectors, again dubbed "Argonauts," braved an eight-month journey around the tip of South America in hopes of discovering precious golden nuggets at the bottom of their Californian gold pans.

1.60 ct. t.w. Pave Diamond Highway Ring in 14kt Tri-Colored Gold. #925058

Gold: The Sun Metal

From the dawn of humankind, gold has been the most coveted of precious metals. It is estimated that all of the gold ever processed would only fill three Olympic swimming pools, so it stands to reason that gold was the exclusive property of the ruling class for millennia. Its scarcity and incomparable color have made gold the quintessential symbol of luxury and excellence. Today, "golden" is used as a synonym for "perfect"; consider the "golden rule," "golden years," "golden age," and "heart of gold," to name a few.

Gold jewelry is a valuable investment and always in fashion. You can wear gold throughout the year and team it with any outfit for a gorgeous look, no matter the occasion. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, and rings — there's an entire range of women's gold jewelry in beautiful designs to suit individual style preferences.


Types of Gold Jewelry

When buying gold, you'll come across different types of colors, karats, and plating options. Familiarizing yourself with these terms can simplify your buying decision. Remember, pure gold is too soft to be molded into wearable jewelry. Gold jewelry is never pure gold. It's an alloy containing gold mixed with copper, nickel, or palladium to create different shades of gold. The most common types of gold for jewelry include:

  • Yellow Gold: The purest form of the metal, combining pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc. Women love yellow gold for its timeless appeal, and it's a stunning choice for bold statement jewelry pieces like hoop earrings and classic eternity band rings. Yellow gold continues to be one of the most popular wedding band materials for both men and women and a classic choice for engagement rings.
  • White Gold: A mix of gold with platinum or palladium, white gold is durable and scratch-resistant. White gold has an elegant look, especially when combined with pearls or gemstones. A cocktail ring set in white gold is a fabulous expression, with the white metal highlighting a gorgeous center stone. A simple white gold chain necklace is a popular choice to highlight a stunning pendant.
  • Rose Gold: Also known as pink gold, rose gold is a trending color ruling the fashion scene. It's a blend of pure gold with copper, which gives it a pinkish hue. Like a pair of love knot stud earrings, rose gold accessories are superb choices that go well with casual and formal outfits. Or, try coupling with the blush of a morganite gemstone or the intense red of rubies. More about rose gold jewelry.
  • Gold Over Silver: This type of jewelry provides a similar beauty and luster to regular gold but is a more affordable option with sterling silver plated with 14kt or 18kt gold. You can find gold over silver pieces in yellow, white, or rose gold.

Ross-Simons Gold Collection

Wearing gold jewelry has always been an enduring statement of taste and style. We are delighted to continue this long, longstanding tradition with both classic and modern gold jewelry. Gold delights when featured alone, as it does in our collections of chic gold hoop earrings and bold gold byzantine bracelets. Our gold jewelry is frequently set with precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and especially diamonds. The result is breathtaking: a vast selection of gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and gold earrings that mirror inner beauty and capture the imagination.

Your gold jewelry's hallmark indicates its fineness: karat numbers indicate the gold purity or the portion of the alloy that is gold out of a possible 24 karats (pure gold). For example, 18kt gold jewelry is 75% gold (18/24), and 14kt gold jewelry is 58% gold (14/24). Our jewelry experts are steadfast and diligent in detailing the karat weights of gold jewelry, ensuring that every jewelry piece delivered to your door is of the caliber you've come to expect from Ross-Simons.

The largest deposit of gold is found in South Africa, but Ross-Simons' gold jewelry is made possible by gold from locations as diverse as Australia, Peru, and Canada.

Ross-Simons gold jewelry collection is of the highest quality: it is hallmarked for its gold content and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Unless explicitly stated, none of our gold jewelry is gold-plated or gold-filled.

Hallmark Name Parts Gold Gold %
Pure Gold 24K or 24kt 24/24 100%
22 Karat Gold 22K or 22kt 22/24 91.7%
18 Karat Gold 18K or 18kt 18/24 75%
14 Karat Gold 14K or 14kt 14/24 58.3%
10 Karat Gold 10K or 10kt 10/24 41.7%

Gold Jewelry Care & Handling

Gold is a relatively soft metal; taking good care of your gold jewelry will have it looking beautiful forever. Only clean your gold jewelry with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild liquid detergent. Do not brush gold jewelry. Take care to keep it away from chlorine, lotions, and cosmetics. Some medications can cause the skin to react when in contact with gold jewelry; remove the piece and consult your doctor if this occurs. Finally, be cautious of placing your gold jewelry loose in a box with the rest of your collection, as it may scratch. Storing your gold jewelry in its own presentation box will keep it safe and shining.

How Much Is a Gold Karat?

Karat is the measure of gold's purity. Pure gold, not mixed with other metals, is 24kt gold. Jewelry designers rarely use 24kt since it's too soft and susceptible to damage. Instead, the most commonly used karat in gold jewelry is 14kt gold, which means 14 out of the 24 parts in the metal feature pure gold, making it a high-quality metal that is durable and suitable for everyday wear.

Does Real Gold Tarnish?

Pure gold never tarnishes. However, mixing gold with other alloys could lead to some discoloration. If you're looking for gold jewelry that retains its sheen, it's best to invest in pieces with higher karat gold. For the best quality gold, buy jewelry in the 14kt to18kt range.

Trendy Ways to Wear Gold Jewelry

Elegantly wearing gold jewelry is all about teaming it with the right outfit. Layering is a trending way to rock gold jewelry in style. To pull off this look, consider layering one accessory and keeping everything else minimal. For example, you could use gold or gemstone-studded huggie earrings to accomplish the layered look that looks cute and chic. Likewise, wearing gold necklaces of different lengths and designs helps you make a fashionable statement that looks splendid with casual outfits and evening attire.