Gold Jewelry

In Ancient Greek mythology, Jason and his famous Argonauts confronted stormy seas, fire-breathing oxen, and a dragon to recover a divine Fleece of woven gold. Flash forward several thousand years to 1849, when tens of thousands of amateur prospectors, again dubbed "Argonauts," braved an eight month journey around the tip of South America in hopes of discovering precious golden nuggets at the bottom of their Californian gold pans.

Gold: Sun Metal

From the dawn of humankind, gold has been the most coveted of precious metals. It is estimated that all of the gold ever processed would only fill three Olympic swimming pools, so it stands to reason that gold was the exclusive property of the ruling class for millennia. Its scarcity and incomparable color have made gold the quintessential symbol of luxury and excellence. Today, "golden" is used as a synonym for "perfect"; consider "golden rule," "golden years," "golden age," and "heart of gold," to name a few.

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Ross-Simons Gold Collection

Wearing gold jewelry has always been an enduring statement of taste and style. Ross-Simons is delighted to continue this long, longstanding tradition with both classic and modern gold jewelry. Gold delights when featured alone, as it does in our collections of chic gold hoop earrings and bold gold byzantine bracelets. Our gold jewelry is frequently set with precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and especially diamonds. The result is breathtaking: a vast selection of gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and gold earrings that mirror inner beauty and capture the imagination. The gold jewelry of your dreams is waiting at

Choose from a wide assortment of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or mix it up with multi-colored gold jewelry.


Parts Gold

Gold %

Pure Gold

24K or 24kt



22 Karat Gold

22K or 22kt



18 Karat Gold

18K or 18kt



14 Karat Gold

14K or 14kt



10 Karat Gold

10K or 10kt



Your gold jewelry's hallmarks indicate its fineness: karat numbers indicate gold's purity, or the portion of the alloy that is gold out of a possible 24 karats (pure gold). For example, 18kt gold jewelry is 75% gold (18/24), and 14kt gold jewelry is 58% gold (14/24). We are steadfast and diligent in detailing the karat weights of gold jewelry, ensuring that every gold bracelet, necklace, or ring delivered to your door is of the caliber you've come to expect from Ross-Simons.

The largest deposit of gold is found in South Africa, but Ross-Simons' gold jewelry is made possible by gold from locations as diverse as Australia, Peru, and Canada.

GOLD: The most precious of metals. As gold is especially rare and brightly colored, it has been highly sought after for thousands of years. Gold has come to be synonymous with perfection, a fitting association especially considering gold jewelry's unsurpassed splendor.

Ross-Simons' Gold Jewelry

You can rest assured that the Ross-Simons gold jewelry collection is of the highest quality: it is hallmarked for its gold content and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Also, none of our gold jewelry is gold plated or gold filled unless explicitly stated.

Gold is typically alloyed with other metals to alter the gold's color and improve durability. For instance, adding copper to gold gives it a rosy hue and makes it stronger, while adding palladium, nickel, and zinc results in white gold with better durability for your jewelry.

Gold Jewelry Care & Handling

Ross-Simons Jewelry Presentation Box

Gold is a relatively soft metal; taking good care of your gold jewelry will have it looking beautiful forever. Only clean your gold jewelry with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild liquid detergent. Do not brush gold jewelry. Take care to keep your gold jewelry away from chlorine, lotions, and cosmetics. Some medications can cause skin to react when in contact with gold jewelry; remove the piece and consult your doctor if this occurs. Finally, be cautious of placing your gold jewelry loose in a box with the rest of your collection, as this can scratch it. Storing your gold jewelry in its own Ross-Simons presentation box will keep it safe and shining.