Jewelry Care

Traveling with Jewelry

With airline luggage limits and other short-on-storage transportation options, packing light is a priority. You can make any outfit look new with jewelry, even when you've been wearing the same pair of jeans 3 days straight (we won't tell!).

CZ Jewelry is Great for Traveling

Travel jewelry is lightweight and packs easily. Not to mention, accessories add pizzazz to a simple t-shirt, dress up a cardigan, or make that little black dress a knockout ensemble.

Since you may prefer not to take your fine jewelry on vacation, consider creating a separate travel jewelry collection that includes CZs. No one will be the wiser. Here are some key pieces to pack:

Jewelry Cubic Zirconia Earrings #08343W
  • A fabulous CZ ring for evenings out
  • CZ studs that go with every outfit, casual or fancy
  • A daytime CZ Necklace to add interest to simple shirts and sweaters
  • A gorgeous CZ necklace for fancy occasions
  • A CZ bracelet to add dimension to any outfit

Ross-Simons has many more CZ travel jewelry options for every look and budget. Now that you know what to pack, consider using a travel jewelry case to keep your jewelry organized and easy to find. Whether it's a zip-up book or a roll-up clutch, our grab-and-go cases have all the jewelry space you need for a getaway, with special sections for your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. And they're cute, too! In soft faux suede, they're designed with different patterns and colors to match your personality. Just remember to stow it in your carry-on bag.