Symbolic Jewelry From Around the World


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Symbolic Jewelry

  1. Fu, Lu and Shou: Chinese for "happiness prosperity and longevity"
  2. Evil eye: Worn to bring happiness and protect from "Evil Eye" curses
  3. Cross: A religious symbol of life and faith
  4. Hamsa: A sacred hand worn to ward off evil and convey happiness
  5. Peace Sign: The universal symbol for world peace
  6. Infinity: Symbolic of eternity or longevity
  7. Fleur-de-lis: Associated with French royalty and symbolic of purity and sanctity
  8. Claddah: An Irish emblem representing freindship, love and loyalty
  9. Horseshoe: A good luck charm
  10. Wishbone: A symbol of wishes and good fortune
  11. Star of David: Official symbol of Israel and Judaism
  12. Tree of Life: Represents the interconnection between all life on earth


Whether you want to express your beliefs or simply show off a fun trend, you can find an intriguing collection of symbolic jewelry at Ross-Simons.

Ward off evil with hamsa or evil eye jewelry, or find some luck in horseshoe or wishbone jewelry.

Find religion in a cross or Star of David and discover new culture in Claddagh and Fleur-de-lis jewelry.

Go for something universal and try Tree of Life and peace sign jewelry. And if all else fails, find forever in shou and infinity.