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Many gemstones that adorn jewelry such as malachite, drusy, jade and lapis that can look like priceless pieces but are attainable to the everyday buyer.

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Blue swirls and golden flecks give lapis lazuli jewelry a character beyond compare. Softer and earthier than that of sapphires, this gem deserves a place in every jewelry collection.

Malachite is a bright green mineral that is said to protect children. It is said to protect the wearer from accidents and protect travelers.

Jade jewelry has long been prized around the world as a symbol of integrity and grace. If purple isn't your color, try pink jade, green jade or white jade.

Comprised of quartz crystals that form on stone, drusy quartz is a mineral that is truly a thing of beauty. It appears as a multitude of tiny crystals with reflective surfaces and this creates a shimmering, sparkling display similar to miniature diamonds shining in the sun.

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