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Named from a small fishing village, Claddagh Rings are dated over 300 years old. Originally designed to represent friendship, love and loyalty.

"Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever"

Are you wearing your Claddagh ring correctly?

If you are single, wear your ring on your right hand with the heart facing outward.

If you are taken, wear your ring on your right hand with the heart facing inward.

If you are engaged, wear the ring on your left hand facing outward.

Finally, if you are married, wear the ring on your left facing inward.

Who wears Claddagh Rings?

95% of claddagh rings are worn by women and 5% by men. Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, John Wayne, President JFK, Bono from U2, Jim Morrison, Mia Farro and Ronald Reagan wear or have worn a claddagh ring.

Different Styles of Claddagh Jewelry

Engagement: In Irish culture, it is very common to replace a wedding band with a Claddagh ring.

Earrings: Claddagh earrings are commonly gifted between loved ones as a sign of devotion.

Standard Ring: The standard Claddagh ring, worn by both men and women, expresses their love and devotion.

Charms: Claddagh charms on a bracelet or necklace are worn to let the world know you're taken.