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The shape of a gemstone refers to its outline or silhouette. The most popular shapes of gems are round and oval, rectangle, due to their symmetrical nature. But gemstones come in all kinds of interesting forms to suit your taste and personality.

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Gemstone Shapes

  • Barrel: A round and elongated shape with a bulging center and flattened sides.
  • Clover: A shape that resembles a clover plant, having four rounded petals. Also called a "quatrefoil."
  • Cylinder: An elongated, rounded tube shape which often comes in the form of a bead.
  • Flower: A shape that is carved or formed to look like a flower. Can be flat or dimensional.
  • Free-form: Any gemstone with an irregular shape.
  • Half-moon: A half-circle shape with one rounded side and one flat side.
  • Heart: A shape that takes the form of a heart symbol, with two curved sections at the top and a point at the bottom. Hexagon: A symmetrical shape with six equal sides.
  • Kite: A pointed and elongated shape with four sides.
  • Marquise: An elliptical shape that comes to a point at the top and bottom. Sometimes referred to as a "navette."
  • Octagon: A symmetrical shape with eight equal sides.
  • Oval: An elliptical shape that resembles an egg.
  • Pear: Similar to the outline of a pear fruit, this is a round shape that comes to a point on one side.
  • Rectangle: An elongated, symmetrical shape with four sides.
  • Rondelle: A round shape with two flat parallel sides. Often in the form of a faceted bead.
  • Round: A circular or spherical shape which appears round to the eye.
  • Square: A symmetrical shape with four equal sides.
  • Star: A symmetrical shape that takes the form of a star symbol. Can have five or more points.
  • Teardrop: An elongated pear shape, rounded at one side and pointed at the other.
  • Trapezoid: A four-sided shape comprised of two parallel lines and two nonparallel lines.
  • Triangle: A three-sided, pointed shape.