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Learn to Speak Italian Jewelry

Experience the luxury of Italian jewelry at Ross-Simons. Italian artisans take the utmost pride in all they do to ensure their products are as picturesque as the places they're crafted. From beautiful artistry to stunning metalwork, discover the unparalleled excellence of Italian craftsmanship from the comfort of your home. Here is a guide to help you navigate our beautiful selection.

Italian Gold Necklace, Earrings and Ring on Photo of Italian Coastline
Italian Silver Ring, Earrings and Necklace
Term Meaning
Calza a mesh chain with a just-right-fit
Chicco Di Riso links that resemble little grains of rice
Croce cross
Cuore heart
Diamantato diamond-cut finish
Fatto a Mano handcrafted styles like cameo, mosaic & Murano glass
Filigranato filigree, a decorative finish used in jewelry
Finitura Dei Gioielli fancy finishes, like diamond-cut, hammered & satin
Floreale floral pattern
Giglio fleur-de-lis flower
Gioielleria Italiana Italian jewelry
Grumetta the links of a curb chain
Inciso a Mano carved by hand, like cameo jewelry
Lavorazione the way links in riso and mesh-style jewelry are crafted
Martellato hammered finish
Mosaico a way of hand-fitting glass pieces together to form a design
Murano an island of Italy where glass is handcrafted into works of art
Rosa rose
Satinato satin finish
Simbolo hearts, crosses & other meaningful icons
Smalto Cattedrale Similar to a stained glass effect, semi-transparent enamel that evokes the look of light coming through the colored panes of church windows