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Sideways Cross Necklace Meaning

The sideways cross is one of the most popular contemporary jewelry trends of our time. Commonly, you'll see this motif on a necklace with cross pendant attached horizontally from two ends. These horizontal cross necklaces were a hit among celebrities which contributed to the burst in popularity all over the world. You can find them in gold or silver and sometimes with diamond or CZ embellishments. And this style isn't limited to just necklaces. Sideways cross jewelry includes fashion rings and bracelets, as well.


Meaning of a Sideways Cross

14kt Yellow Gold Sideways Cross Necklace #796405

The cross is a traditional symbol with a very long history. The ancient Egyptians are some of the first credited with the use of the symbol because their looped "Ankh" cross. To them, it stood for life and fertility. But the most widespread use of the symbol is in Christianity. The lowercase "t" shape of the emblem represents the wooden post that Jesus was crucified on. Therefore, to religious Christians, it is a very important symbol of faith, love, and sacrifice.

The sideways cross is simply a modern take on the traditional symbol, a reimaged version of it. Many jewelry designers feel that it's important to give old things a fresh update in order to keep them in style. Many could speculate that sideways cross jewelry was inspired by other uses of the symbol throughout the world. The national flags for Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland all feature a horizontal cross, or "Scandinavian Christian cross," as a patriotic symbol of pride and honor. Also, the side cross can be found on some tombstones, signifying the resurrection of the soul.

As far as the meaning goes, it can be whatever you want it to be. Or it can just be a fun fashion statement and mean nothing at all. Some believe that it represents Christ carrying the cross and laying it down after he had risen. Others consider it to be an expression of self-awareness and understanding your place in the world.


How to Wear a Sideways Cross

Side cross necklaces are incredibly wearable and work with any type of style, from classic, to eclectic, to gothic. And though they are more commonly worn with casual outfits, horizontal cross necklaces can be dressed up with diamonds for your formal attire. Side crosses can be worn at the center of your neck or chest, or swung to the side to create an asymmetrical look. And don't worry about it sliding around throughout the day – it'll look great no matter where it falls on the neckline!