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Our Guide to Symbolic Jewelry


The fact that you made it to this page is a sign in and of itself! Symbolic jewelry dates back centuries. Originally utilitarian in design, jewelry began to take on symbolic form as cultures used symbols to represent faith and beliefs, as a sign of status and to reflect their personalities.

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As the fashion and jewelry industries evolve into the 21st century, the desire to show off meaningful icons of faith, purpose, and culture has remained prominent. Even better — there are few gifts more personal than symbolic jewelry.

If you're looking to radiate a positive message or for a wearable reminder of strength, faith or positivity, here are just a few ways to represent what means the most to you:



Spiritual icons help us to stay hopeful — no matter what. Gift a loved one a cross pendant, or Star of David necklace to celebrate their commitment to faith or as a reminder of their devotion and strength. More abstract yet very popular are Miraculous Medals, angel wings and saint medals are often worn as symbols of guardianship and devotion.



Motivational designs encourage us to let our intuition lead the way. Follow your own path, guided by a north star medallion necklace or a pair of tree of life earrings. Stick to a journey of peace with the iconic peace sign. One of the most popular and coveted symbols of guidance, rebirth and transformation is the butterfly. Historically popular in jewelry, the butterfly continues to carry deep meaning and symbolism to the wearer.




Create your own luck with symbols that channel good fortune and success. Elephant jewelry is commonly believed to bring luck to the wearer, and makes a great "good luck" gift. Four-leaf clovers are a universal symbol of good fortune, and can be worn as a good luck charm or given as a well-wishes gift.




Jewelry has long been tied to shows of affection between loved ones. Wearing symbols of affection is a way to keep loved ones close and to remind of our love for others. The most iconic symbol of love, the heart, can be given as an expression of deep love, with a diamond heart pendant or amethyst heart ring. More playful, wear gold heart earrings or a silver heart bracelet as a cute, iconic accessory. More abstract yet still powerful, a love knot pendant or stud earrings represent an unbreakable bond and eternal connection. Designed in brilliant diamonds, colorful gemstones and sleek metals, the ways to say "I love you" are endless.


Strength and Protection

Protective amulets call to mind trust and security when we need them the most. Very spiritual in nature, the evil eye symbol has been long believed by some to offer the wearer protection from harm. Similarly, the hamsa is an ancient amulet of peace and protection.