Get the Look

Make Peridot Work for You

Peridot is treasured for its lush green hue. Ranging from a pale yellowish green to a deep olive, our peridot jewelry will bring color and vibrancy to your life. If you love peridot, but are intimidated by its liveliness, follow these tips to make this gemstone work with your style:

Energize Your Wardrobe

With a little peridot jewelry, you can bring an outfit from drab to fab! If you have a lot of neutral-colored attire, such as white, beige, black, or navy, a touch of peridot will add vibrancy and bring new life to basic colors. But don't go overboard! Try two key pieces, such a peridot sterling silver ring and a pair of peridot sterling silver earrings. This will create a balanced look with little effort.

Jewelry Semi Precious Bracelets #886941

Create an Earthy Look

Peridot's green color is a symbol of life – spring leaves, flower stems, fresh grass, etc. This is why peridot is perfect for creating an earthy look. Pair peridot with earth-tones, like brown or taupe, and use animal and floral motifs, such a frog or a flower, for a style that makes you one with the natural world.

Wear as a Birthstone

Take a guess: what is the birthstone for August? Peridot, of course! If this is your birth month, a green peridot ring, pendant necklace, or pair of stud earrings will make a great everyday piece. But you don't have to be born in August to enjoy this gem as a birthstone. You can follow the tradition to only wear peridot during the month of August. Many people believe that doing this increases the metaphysical properties of peridot.

Mix with Other Gemstones

The multicolor trend is a hot commodity. You can wear peridot with other colorful gemstones to create this look. Stack a peridot tennis bracelet with an amethyst and a blue topaz bracelet to make the multicolor style your own. Of try a multi-stone piece, like a pair of cluster earrings, to instantly tap into a spectrum of color.

Showcase in an Engagement Ring

"Love" is a widely accepted peridot gemstone meaning. Though it was traditionally given as a 16th wedding anniversary gift, it has been accepted by many modern couples as a meaningful engagement ring. If you want something a little different, a peridot engagement ring can be a vibrant symbol of your love and loyalty.