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Make Citrine Fit Your Style

Queen Victoria, Kate Middleton, and Elizabeth Taylor all made citrine a part of their day-to-day style, and you can too. Even though citrine is a colored gemstone, it is quite versatile and can work with anything from trendy and casual, to classic and formal. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate citrine jewelry into your everyday look:

Brighten your Appearance

If you are not a big fan of vibrant color, citrine jewelry can be a good choice to brighten up your wardrobe. Its yellow to orange color has golden overtones, making it a pretty neutral, go-with-anything gemstone. But its sunny rays will do just the trick to take something from gloomy to cheerful! For ultimate illumination, try a citrine ring with diamonds that dazzle.

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Be Wild and Whimsical

While citrine is quite classy, it does have a wild side. Some of the most fabulous citrine jewelry for women features trendy styles and daring motifs. Citrine could be the orange in a fierce tiger ring or the sparkling scales of a koi fish pendant. If you like the multicolor trend, you'll love a pair citrine cluster earrings gleaming with a spectrum of rainbow gemstones.

Look Glamorous for Less

Topaz and citrine are commonly confused because of their visual similarities. Except the usual citrine price is significantly less! So if you like the look of topaz, but want to save a few bucks, swapping it out for citrine is a smart alternative. Some of the pale yellow citrine stones also look strikingly similar to fancy yellow or canary diamonds. You'll look so glamorous in a light citrine jewelry; people will think you spent a fortune (it can be our little secret).

Wear as a Birthstone

It just so happens that citrine is the birth stone for November. If you were born in November, a citrine pendant, ring, or pair of studs can be a great emblem for your birthday, suitable to everyday wear. But even if you were born in another month, the golden honey citrine birthstone can be enjoyed by anyone. Many believe that if you wear a citrine all throughout its assigned month, you can increase the effects of its metaphysical powers.

Showcase in an Engagement Ring

Stemming from the custom to gift citrine for a 13th or 17th wedding anniversary, citrine engagement rings are gaining traction, believed to attract love and prosperity. For those looking for something unique, yet still neutral, a citrine engagement ring or citrine wedding ring can be a meaningful option.