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How to Pair Pendants and Chains


Each necklace was meticulously chosen to create either a fashion statement or serve a functional purpose. Since then, styles have certainly come and gone, and come back again, but the reason we continue to wear this timeless duo hasn't veered too far off course. That's why we've compiled this easy how-to guide to help you choose the perfect pendant and chain! Dating back to antiquity, wearing pendants on chains has held significant meaning.


Pretty, Pretty Pendants!

Orange Enamel Giraffe Pendant Necklace with Diamond Accents in 18kt Gold Over Sterling #929566

Pendants, charms and amulets empower us to express ourselves — we connect with them because they're representative and meaningful. Whether it's your birthstone, a diamond solitaire or a monogram, there's a pendant to help you share your style story. If you're not sure where to start, consider our pro tips:

Looking for something symbolic? Icons like the cross and the evil eye remain popular in jewelry for their positive meanings.

Purchasing a gift? Initials and monogram pendants are always great choices for gifting loved ones with something unique and personal.

Want a colorful look? A gemstone pendant can represent your birthstone or just be your favorite fashionable color.


Put the Pendant to the Metal

Ranging in durability, thickness and color, popular metals in jewelry include platinum, gold, sterling silver and two-tone or tri-tone combinations.

Mixed-metal looks have become increasingly more prominent over the years — proving you don't have to play favorites! The sun and the moon metals, known formally and respectively as silver and gold, are complements of one another. In other words, they were made for each other, so wearing them together pays homage to their innate harmony.

If you prefer to match your metals, it's as simple as pairing a yellow gold chain with a yellow gold pendant, or white gold with white gold, This choice should also reflect your own personal fashion, so make sure you choose something you'll love.


The Long and Short of It

Our necklace sizing guide is a helpful source for choosing your ideal length — illustrating options from chokers to 36". While there are plenty to pick from, most pendant necklaces tend to be 16" or 18" long, resting comfortably and stylishly near the collarbone.

Since necklace length is largely dependent on preference, adjustable chains are a great option! Their flexible nature lets you achieve a different look every day, making them a crowd pleaser. If it's layering you like, learn how to perfectly pair pendant necklaces with other styles to achieve the ultimate layered look!


Chain, Chain, Chain...

Ultimately, choosing your chain comes down to what you like, but there are a couple of other factors to keep in mind.

Each type of chain falls into one of three subcategories — classic, textural and sleek. At Ross-Simons, we carry a wide array of all three: box, snake, popcorn, rope, omega, Byzantine and paper clip to name a few. For larger, heavier pendants, thicker chains are more suitable; with smaller pendants, you'd want to affix to a finer chain.

Lastly, ensure the bale – the loop at the top of your pendant that attaches to the chain – fits securely around the millimeter width of the chain, and moves smoothly. If the bale is too tight, you risk snagging the chain.

Sold separately or pre-affixed, pendant necklaces are available in countless designs, and are always in fashion. At Ross-Simons, we can even customize a personalized piece for FREE, right here in our own Rhode Island studio. Now, go forth and remember our helpful how-to for all your future pendant and chain pairings!