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Meaningful Style: Choosing the Right Cross


The Cross: Humble Beginnings — The cross is a popular symbol in both religious settings and the fashion world. A lowercase "t" shape, the earliest cross symbol was the "Ankh," the Egyptian symbol of life and fertility. It is most commonly known as the official symbol of Christianity, representing the wooden post upon which Jesus was crucified. Christians use the cross to express their faith, while others consider it to be an expression of self-awareness and understanding of their place in world. No matter what it means to you, the cross has been a classic and beloved jewelry choice for generations. Read on to find out how to choose the right cross for yourself or a loved one!



Complement Your Style

When picking out cross jewelry, think about your style — you'll want a piece that complements it. If you prefer a classic look, the most traditional way to wear cross jewelry is as a cross necklace or cross pendant. Suspending from a chain around the neck, the cross will rest close to your heart, which is symbolic in and of itself and perfect for a person of Christian faith. Choose a timeless design in 14kt yellow gold or sterling silver. If your style is contemporary, there are many modern, fashionable options available, including not just necklaces, but cross bracelets, earrings and rings, too. For a dose of glamour, opt for a cross adorned with diamonds or CZs as a sparkling symbol of your faith. For a meaningful, tailored-to-you piece, a cross that features your birthstone is a nice choice. Those interested in a cool, minimalist look, sideways crosses are the way to go. Other styles to consider are our signature Byzantine-link designs, Celtic crosses, rosary-style necklaces, and Italian-made pieces that will elevate any look with their fine craftsmanship.


A Cross for Every Occasion

You'll want to consider the occasions for which you'll be wearing your cross jewelry. If you are planning on wearing it on a daily basis, you may want to opt for a simpler look that is versatile enough to match all of your outfits, like an 18kt white gold cross necklace. If you want a more elevated look to wear to special events, church services or holiday parties, dazzling diamond crosses will add that special, illuminated touch.


Gifting A Cross

Cross jewelry is also a perfect gift to commemorate religious milestones. Our children's jewelry collection features a wide array of perfectly sized cross necklaces and earrings to give in recognition of baptisms, first communions or confirmations.

No matter what type of cross jewelry you choose, the meaningful symbol will be a staple in your collection or a much-appreciated gift!