Tsavorite Jewelry


The story of tsavorite jewelry is new and quite interesting. When Campbell Bridges, a gem prospector from England, was surveying the mountains of North East Tanzania, he came across a deposit of unusual stones. On further exploration, he found a similar deposit of stones in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya. New to the market, tsavorite was all the rage in the early 1970's as luxury jewelers heralded the magnificent new gem for its depth of color and brilliance.


Tsavorite Gemstones: Deep Greens from East Africa

2.10 ct. t.w. Green Multi-Stone Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver #909368

Flaunting its signature green hue, tsavorite always looks fresh. Browse our signature collections of new and one-of-a-kind Estate pieces to find the finest tsavorite designs in sterling silver or gold. From rings to necklaces, each piece is a delight to behold.

The color of spring emerges in Ross-Simons' tsavorite jewelry. Deep greens range on the palette from a pale sea green to a forest green that captures the beauty of nature reborn. Tsavorite's brilliance makes it a great accompaniment for diamonds, and our buyers love matching the deep greens with 14kt yellow or white gold. Also, vintage lovers will appreciate our unique assortment of Estate tsavorite rings and earrings. As stones larger than 1 carat are quite rare, clever designers arrange tsavorite accents to enhance the range and depth of color in necklaces and pendants. No matter the size or style, tsavorite jewelry is sure to enchant with a vibrant light.

A deep green variety of garnet. It has similarities to emerald, but is rarer and more durable. First uncovered in the 1960's in Tanzania, it was given its name on account of the discovery of mines in Kenya's Tsavo National Park in the early 1970's. More about colored gemstones.


Tsavorite Jewelry Care & Handling

Tsavorite is a relatively hard gem (7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale) and takes well to faceting — which enhances the brilliance of this highly refractive stone. Tvavorite's sparkle makes it a great accompaniment for diamonds and other precious gems. As hard as an emerald, but much more durable, tsavorite jewelry should still be handled with care. Clean with a soft cloth. Wrap tsavorite necklaces, rings and jewelry in a soft cloth or keep them safely in your Ross-Simons presentation box.