Tahitian Pearls: The Rare, Dark and Dreamy Gem of Tahiti


Named for the primary area where they are cultivated, Tahitian pearls are a unique and beautiful alternative to the traditional white Akoya or white South Sea pearls.

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Tahitian pearls are traditionally dark and iridescent in color, commonly black with traces of green, purple and bronze. This unique coloring comes from the rare, black-lipped oyster in which the pearls are grown: the Pinctada Marfaritifera. Their dark coloring gives the Tahitian pearl incredible luster and shine.

In Tahiti, pearl farms are often found inside of sunken underwater volcanoes because of their ideal setting. As a result of Tahiti's tropical climate, minerals make their way to the water surface where the water is warm, offering optimal farming conditions. These conditions combined with the isolated environment of the sunken volcanoes almost guarantee no interruption or harm to the pearl growth process. As a result, these factors contribute to the incredible quality of Tahitian pearls.

The size of Tahitian pearls is determined by how much time they spend maturing, but tend to be on the larger size. The pearls can vary in shape: from round, to button, to teardrop… each shape is unique to its growing process. Because of this wide variety of shapes and sizes, matching Tahitian pearls can be a tedious, lengthy process – thus giving a perfectly matched set a very high value.

Saltwater pearls found off the islands of French Polynesia, treasured for their rarity, large size, and mysterious color. Tahitian pearls are grown in black-lipped oysters and range from metallic silver to graphite-colored with overtones of blue, purple, and green.

The Ross-Simons Tahitian Pearl Jewelry collection is comprised of some of the finest Tahitian black pearls available. A fascinating addition to any pearl lovers' collection, the Tahitian pearl gives the wearer the same classy and refined look of traditional pearls, with a touch of mystery, femininity and depth. This collection from Ross-Simons features timeless options like Tahitian pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, pearl stud earrings – mostly set in stunning white gold. Our designers have worked tediously to ensure that each item in this collection showcases Tahitian pearls that closely match in color and size.


Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Care & Handling

Like any pearls, Tahitian pearls require some special care. Avoid getting perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, or household chemicals on your Tahitian pearls. Your pearls should be gently wiped clean with a soft cloth after each time you wear. You should avoid cleaning pearls with an Ultrasonic or steamer. For a deep cleaning, you can occasionally use mild soapy water. Always be sure that your pearls are completely dry before wearing again. Tahitian pearls should be stored separately from your other jewelry.