South Sea Pearls


The most rare of all cultured pearls, the South Sea pearl is prized for its dramatic large size. This unique pearl is grown in the Pinctada Maxima oyster in the tropical waters of Australia as well as the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand. A fully-grown Pinctada Maxima shell can measure 12 inches.


South Sea Pearls: A Rare and Luxurious Find

11-12mm Black Cultured Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace in 14kt White Gold #265941

When first discovered in Australia, the Pinctada Maxima oyster was gathered by hand from the water and its shell was used for decorative purposes. The oysters were so plentiful, they could be plucked right from the sand. As the shells, and eventually the pearls inside, became more popular, sophisticated diving methods had to be adopted. In the1950s, Australia decided to commercially cultivate South Sea pearls.

Even though South Sea pearls are grown with the help of man, it can take two to four years before the pearl can be removed from the oyster and only about 15% of the pearls harvested are round. South Sea pearls range in size from 9mm to 20mm and can be white, silver, silver/pink, white/pink, white/gold and gold. Because they are so scarce, South Sea pearls are some of the most expensive and beautiful pearls available today.

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With a dramatic 9mm-20mm size and glowing satiny luster, South Sea pearls are among the rarest and most coveted of cultured pearls. Found in shades of white, silver and gold, South Sea pearls are an exquisite sight in jewelry designs.

South Sea pearl jewelry is a rare find and our buyers search for unique examples of the elusive pearl set in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Our designs feature round, oval and drop shapes, as well as shades of white, silver and gold. Our premium quality South Sea pearl jewelry is accented by 14kt or 18kt white or yellow gold. While South Sea pearls command the highest prices of all cultured pearls, our selection is offered at special savings.

The majority of South Sea pearls come from Australia, while the golden variety is cultivated in the Philippines and Indonesia.


South Sea Pearl Jewelry Care & Handling

Like all pearl jewelry, South Sea pearls are on the softer side (2.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale) and need some special care. Avoid getting perfume, hair spray, cosmetics or any beauty products on your South Sea pearl jewelry as these items could damage the pearls' luster. To clean your South Sea pearl jewelry, wipe with a soft cloth after each wearing. You can use mild soapy water once in awhile for a deeper cleaning. Make sure your South Sea pearl rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are dry before wearing. Store your South Sea pearl jewelry separately in your Ross-Simons presentation box.