Sodalite Jewelry


When a large deposit of sodalite, which is named for its high sodium content, was discovered in Ontario, Canada in 1891, it became a popular choice to craft into ornaments and jewelry. Deep, deep blue and opaque, sodalite's appearance is similar to that of lapis lazuli. However, sodalite exchanges lapis lazuli's flecks of golden pyrite for veins of creamy white calcite. This combination of enchanting blues with streaks of bright whites results in a stone of otherworldly fantasy.


Sodalite: Blue of Sea, White of Waves

Jewelry Semi Precious Bracelets #897104

Sodalite's color palette reflects what some see as its metaphysical properties. That is, sodalite is said to balance the rational and irrational halves of the brain, bringing harmony to daily life.

In looking through our array of sodalite rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, you will see that we take great pride in choosing only the most elegant, artfully constructed sodalite jewelry to offer our customers. Our sodalite jewelry showcases the entrancing, tranquil finish of this relatively "new" stone.

A cousin of lapis lazuli, sodalite is characterized by its deep blue color streaked with white bolts. Sodalite is lauded in some cultures for its metaphysical proclivity to unite the rational and irrational halves of the mind, bringing balance and harmony to daily life.

Our top-notch jewelry team ensures that every piece of sodalite jewelry exhibits a wondrous balance of blue hues and white accents. Be it a sodalite ring or a sodalite bracelet, our jewelry strives to reach the pinnacle of design and elegance.

We have found that sodalite jewelry is especially pleasant when paired with shining sterling silver, often masterfully detailed.

Canada, especially Ontario, is the premier source of sodalite of the caliber required for our jewelry.


Sodalite Jewelry Care & Handling

Sodalite is of a moderate hardness (5.5-6 on the Mohs scale), so it should be worn with some care to prevent any scratches. Sunlight can cause some discoloration, so be sure to keep your sodalite jewelry tucked neatly away in your Ross-Simons presentation box after cleaning it with a soft cloth and warm water.