Sapphire Jewelry


While sapphires are known for their true blue hue, this gemstone also dazzles in shades of pink, yellow, green and orange. Sapphires actually come in every color of the rainbow except red — a red sapphire would be considered a ruby as both stones are made of the same mineral corundum.


Sapphire: Blue and Beyond

C. 1980 Vintage 1.58 ct. t.w. Sapphire and 1.25 ct. t.w. Diamond Checkerboard Ring in Platinum #927219

Sapphires have been admired for their beauty for thousands of years. Ancient Persians believed the earth was mounted on a great sapphire whose color was reflected in the sky. In the middle ages, clergy would wear sapphires in rings to represent their connection to heaven, while others believed the stones would protect them from evil and sickness. The sapphire also has a history of being a symbol for loyalty, faithfulness and trust. This tradition has helped make the sapphire a popular choice for engagement rings, with one of the most famous examples being the ring Prince Charles presented to Lady Diana.

Available in a rainbow of shades, Ross-Simons' sapphire jewelry delivers a dramatic impact. Check out our web site and view with confidence, knowing each and every sapphire stone will shimmer with incomparable beauty. We hope you enjoy the beautiful earrings, sapphire necklaces, bracelets and sapphire rings we have in our contemporary and Estate sapphire collections, selected especially for you.

A favorite gemstone of ancient priests and royalty, the sapphire radiates sophistication and grace. This prized gem comes in every hue of blue, plus the more unexpected shades of pink, yellow, green and orange, and is September's birthstone. More about colored gemstones.

Ross-Simons' jewelry designers look to blue sapphires to set an elegant tone in classic sapphire rings and select multi-colored sapphires to add spark to contemporary settings. Our necklaces, sapphire earrings, bracelets and rings sometimes feature up to five shades of sapphires in one piece for a lively rainbow show. Sapphire gemstones look stunning set in white and yellow gold or sterling silver.

Our jewelers take care when cutting each sapphire to ensure the best color possible. Almost all sapphires available today are heated to enhance the gemstone's color and this process has no effect on the quality or durability of the stones.

The oldest sapphire mines are located in Sri Lanka and the Kashmir region near the Pakistani/Indian border. Sapphires are also found in Madagascar, Ceylon, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Tanzania, Kenya and the United States.


Sapphire Jewelry Care & Handling

Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone after the diamond (9 on the Mohs scale), making it extremely durable and long-lasting. Clean your sapphire jewelry with warm water and mild soap and store in your Ross-Simons presentation box.