Moonstone Jewelry


When Rene Lalique created his beautiful jewelry for the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt at the turn of the century, moonstone was his gem of choice – and for good reason! The pale blues and underlying white tones have a magical quality hinting at unknown depths. Moonstones and fine moonstone jewelry can even appear two-dimensional as light is refracted inside and scattered throughout the gem.


Moonstones: Seductive Color and Multi-Dimensional Intrigue

Moonstone Twisted Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling #864391

Moonstone is a stunning gem for cocktail rings, and moonstone necklaces are often paired with turquoise and topaz to offer a more subtle and seductive blue to the colorway.

Our jewelry buyers and designers travel the world to bring you our favorite moonstone rings, moonstone pendants, and moonstone bracelets. Browsing the Ross-Simons' website is a wonderful experience as the moonstone collection changes often as we look to stay up to date with the latest looks and fashionable designs.

Named for the white reflection that mimics the reflection of moonshine. Typically polished and featuring a cabochon cut, moonstone's light-catching shimmer is perfect for fine jewelry. In Europe, moonstone is the birthstone for June.

Ross-Simons looks for high quality moonstone jewelry, typically found in pale blues, but ranging from grey to orange. We are particularly enchanted by sterling silver moonstone jewelry as the white tones and natural patina of silver are a wonderful complement to the gem's colorations. Moonstones are sourced from feldspar mines in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Europe and the United States.


Moonstone Jewelry Care & Handling

Moonstone is a relatively soft gem (6 on the Mohs scale), so proper care should be taken to avoid knocking or banging moonstone jewelry. Clean with a soft cloth. Wrap moonstone necklaces, rings and jewelry in a soft cloth or keep them safely in your Ross-Simons presentation box.