The Allure of Lapis Lazuli Jewelry


Revered by the ancients and coveted by today's most stylish designers, the incredibly vivid opaque blue of the gemstone lapis lazuli has fascinated humankind for thousands of years. Lapis was prized in Babylonia, Egypt, and the Middle East, often worn by royalty as a protection from evil.


Lapis: Magical Properties & Intense Color

Lapis Jewelry Set: Five Bead Stretch Bracelets. #900467

For many cultures, lapis was regarded as a holy stone. In fact, artists creating pictures of the Madonna used paint made from crushed lapis lazuli stone.

With its distinctive color and those fabulous golden flecks, which seem to replicate the magic of a starry sky, lapis jewelry has held incredible allure throughout time. The golden points of light are not of gold as people used to think but of pyrites due to the presence of iron. This blue stone is composed mainly of lazurite, often with white calcite inclusions accompanying the metallic pyrite flecks. Known as the stone of friendship and truth, lapis is said to encourage harmony in relationships.

In our quest for the most exotic and classical lapis jewelry, we have assembled an eclectic collection of necklaces, rings, and wonderful earrings ranging from vintage treasures to contemporary classics. The prices of this gemstone are largely dependent on the beauty and intensity of the color. Mined in Afghanistan, Argentina, Canada, Chile, and the US (California and Colorado), the most desired lapis jewelry comes in an intense, deep blue color, brilliantly set in 14kt gold or sterling silver.


The Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

A symbol of wisdom and truth, lapis lazuli means "blue stone." The jewel's two-part name comes from two different cultures. "Lapis" is a Latin word that means "stone," while "lazuli" is a derivative of the Persian word "lazhuward," which means "blue."

Is Lapis Lazuli Expensive?

As a semi-precious stone, Lapis Lazuli sells at a moderately high price since it's primarily found in the remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and is difficult to mine. However, blue lapis lazuli is undoubtedly more affordable than some other blue gems, such as sapphires, turquoise, and of course, blue diamonds. It makes stunning jewelry pieces like bracelets, dangle earrings, rings, and necklaces, making it a top pick of designers and jewelry lovers everywhere.

What's the Difference Between Lapis and Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis and lapis lazuli are the same thing. Lapis is simply its abbreviated name.


Elegant Jewelry Designs Featuring Lapis Lazuli

If you love bold, blue jewelry, lapis lazuli pieces should make it to your jewelry collection. Here are some popular designs that'll add color and style to your outfits.

Lapis Earrings

Earrings crafted in lapis go well with formal and casual outfits. There are studs, drop earrings, hoop earrings, and so many more—you'll find endless designs. Lapis beads set in sterling silver in a hoop style make a bold fashion statement and look best when paired with formal or semi-formal attire. For a minimalist look, opt for studs that are perfect to pair with workplace outfits.


Lapis Rings

Looking to add a pop of color to your fingers? We love these stones set in white gold or sterling silver. The light canvas of the icy metal highlights the gorgeous blue of the gemstone for a standout style. Cocktail lapis rings make a fashionable statement. Flaunt a blue-toned silver ring studded with lapis stones and turquoise beads for an irresistible accessory that's perfect for a cool summer look. Pair it with a breezy white dress or a neutral-colored crop top and shorts to add sizzle to your summertime wardrobe.


Lapis Necklaces

Draw focus to your neckline with stunning necklaces featuring blue lapis lazuli. A single strand of this celestial-toned blue stone can transform any outfit. Pair it with matching earrings, and you're all set for a beautiful evening. Torsade necklaces are for women who love everything big, bold, and beautiful. This confident neckpiece instantly uplifts any outfit and goes well with casual outfits, such as a noodle strap dress in beige, white or black. For women who prefer finer silhouettes, a sterling silver pendant necklace embellished with lapis on a simple chain is an ideal pick.


Lapis Bracelets

The deep blue color jazzes up bare wrists, adding flair and fun to your outfits. A dainty sterling silver bangle with a blue stone in the center makes for a sophisticated accessory that's great for both everyday wear and special occasions.


Lapis Jewelry Care & Handling

Unlike all other blue pigments, which tend to pale in the light, lapis is relatively fade-resistant. Lapis lazuli can easily be scratched or chipped, and water will dissolve its protective coatings, so rings should be taken off during household work! It is a relatively soft gem, rated 5-6 on the Mohs scale. If you slice into your lapis, beware: it emits quite an odor since it contains high sulfur content. We suggest wrapping your lapis jewelry in a soft cloth and storing it in a lovely jewelry box to preserve the beauty of your jewels.