Labradorite Jewelry


At first glance, the mineral labradorite glimmers with an alluring deep gray sheen; on closer inspection, one finds that labradorite shifts and dances with every color of visible light. The uniquely layered structure of labradorite results in a phenomenon geologists call "labradorescence," wherein light is reflected and separated into a whole host of colors. Thus, labradorite might appear blue from one angle and pink from another, a quality unique to this mineral.

Kite-Shaped Labradorite Ring in 18kt Gold Over Sterling #894443

Labradorite: Hidden Prism

This veiled beauty reflects labradorite's fabled ability to aid in dream interpretation and the discovery of the secrets of the future. Even if it does not augment psychic abilities, one can wear labradorite jewelry as an expression of hidden reserves of strength and inner fire.

Whether you are looking for a labradorite ring, necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, you will find the perfect piece of labradorite jewelry in our tres chic labradorite jewelry collection. All of the labradorite jewelry offered on our website shifts and gleams with cached light and color.

A unique mineral named for the Canadian region where it was discovered. Labradorite glows with an aura called labradorescence, causing it to shift in color depending on the viewing angle.

When selecting labradorite jewelry, our jewelry team ensures that all of our labradorite jewelry dances with colors from orange to green to pink. You can buy with confidence knowing that your labradorite necklace or bracelet will echo the colorful person that you are.

Labradorite jewelry amazes whether it is cut into beads or cabochons, or left rough-cut for an earthy vibe. A versatile mineral, it's eye-catching in both sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold.

Labradorite is named for the place it was discovered, Labrador, Canada. Labrador is the chief source for labradorite today, though it is also found in other Canadian locales and Norway.



Labradorite Jewelry Care & Handling

Labradorite is a moderately hard mineral (6-6.5 on the Mohs scale), but care should still be taken to avoid scratching. Clean your labradorite jewelry often with a soft cloth and warm water so that its luminous labradorescence is allowed to shine through. When not in use, keep your labradorite jewelry tucked away in your Ross-Simons presentation box.