Kyanite Jewelry


Kyanite gets its name from the Greek word "kyanos" meaning blue. The most popular color of kyanite is a vibrant blue, similar to a sapphire's regal shade, but the gem also comes in colorless, white, grey, green and yellow.


Kyanite: Better in Blue

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Kyanite has been mined around the world since the 19th century. At one time, French jewelers mistakenly used the name "sappare" to describe kyanite and this name is still occasionally used today.

In ancient times, travelers took kyanite along with them when exploring unknown regions. It was believed that a piece of kyanite suspended from a human hair could follow the earth's magnetic force, acting like a compass needle, to help guide them on their journeys.

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Kyanite is gemstone-quality aluminum silicate. It typically comes in shades blue, although it can be found in other colors as well. In addition to jewelry, Kyanite is also used to make porcelain. More about colored gemstones.

Kyanite can work well in many styles of jewelry, from casual to elegant. Sometimes, kyanite's coloring is not consistent, with streaks or patches of varying shades appearing within the gem. This variation in color gives kyanite added uniqueness and natural appeal, especially when shaped into cabochons and beaded jewelry. Kyanite can also be faceted to create a luminous, shimmering display, perfect for more formal designs. Kyanite jewelry looks beautiful set in sterling silver or 14kt gold.

Gem quality kyanite is found in Brazil, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Switzerland, Australia, Russia and the United States.



Kyanite Jewelry Care & Handling

Kyanite's hardness depends on how the stone is cut (ranging from a 4-7 on the Mohs scale). Kyanite gemstones are best suited for earrings and kyanite necklaces, where they will be more protected from bangs and scratches. Clean your kyanite jewelry with warm, soapy water and store it in your Ross-Simons presentation box when not in use.