Keshi Pearls: Tiny Treasures of Japan


Often referred to as the smallest type of pearl in the world, keshi pearls have a unique origin. Keshi pearls were first discovered when Japanese pearl farmers started to nucleate Akoya oysters. Occasionally, during this procedure, solid nacre pearl beads would form after rejecting the nucleus. At the beginning, these pearl by were considered useless due to their small, unique size and lack of nucleus. The keshi pearl is naturally quite tiny, and has a seed-like shape, which is why it was given the name "keshi" – meaning "poppy" in Japanese.


Keshi Pearl Jewelry

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Keshi pearls are small in size and are most commonly found in many non-spherical shapes including flat, oval, rice, and seed-like. Perfectly round keshi pearls are extremely rare. Since keshi pearls are 100% nacre, they exude an incredibly lustrous shine, and their coloring generally ranges from pure white to gray, sometimes accompanied by overtones of blue, green, pink and yellow.

Pearls are a timeless gemstone that any woman looks wonderful wearing. The keshi pearl is an exotic alternative to the traditional white pearl, giving the wearer a fun and sassy edge. A piece of keshi pearl jewelry makes an interesting and distinctive addition to any jewelry collection, and will certainly act as a conversation piece.

Playful-shaped keshi pearls make excellent pearl necklaces, pearl rings and even keshi pearl earrings. Because keshi pearls come in various shapes and sizes, you will find bold, interesting combinations and designs in the Ross-Simons keshi pearl jewelry collection. Browse our keshi pearl collection today for the perfect eye-catching piece for you — at our legendary low prices.

An irregular-shaped by-product of a pearl cultivation. Keshi pearls are nature's "fortunate accidents," composed entirely of nacre and containing no nucleus. When a mollusk rejects the pearl cultivation process, a beautiful and unique Keshi is born.



Keshi Pearl Jewelry Care & Handling

Like any pearls, keshi pearls require some special care. Avoid getting perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, or household chemicals on your keshi pearls. Your pearls should be gently wiped clean with a soft cloth after each time you wear. You should avoid cleaning your pearls with an Ultrasonic or steamer. For a deep cleaning, you can occasionally use mild soapy water. Always be sure that your pearls are completely dry before wearing again. Your pearls should be stored separately from your other jewelry.