Diopside Jewelry

A relatively new addition to the jewelry world, diopside dazzles with a bright green hue. Commonly called green chrome diopside, the jewel is colored by chromium, the same element that gives emerald its color. Surprisingly, it is much more affordable than emerald and a splendid choice for lovers of all things green.

Diopside: a New Green on the Scene

.40 ct. t.w. Green Chrome Diopside Frog Necklace in Sterling Silver with Black Rhodium #929233

Rare in nature, diopside acts as an indicator of diamonds and can even appear as an inclusion within a diamond.

In ancient times, some believed that diopside fell from the tree of life and should be buried with the dead to ensure the renewal of life. In other cultures, diopside was placed on the forehead at night to aid in peacefulness and encourage good dreams.


Ross-Simons' Diopside Jewelry

Diopside provides an exciting new option when you're looking for green gemstones. With an intense spark, vibrant color and affordable price, diopside is gaining popularity all around the world.

Though quite rare, diopside is one of the most affordable green gemstones. This gorgeous newcomer, mined mainly in Siberia, lights up jewelry designs with vibrant shades of green and makes an ideal choice for pendants, rings and earrings. More about colored gemstones.

Though its name may not be pretty, diopside is a truly glorious gem. Diopside offers more sparkle than an emerald at a much more affordable price. Ross-Simons' designers take care to select the gemstones in smaller sizes for diopside jewelry designs, as the gemstone can appear almost black when over three carats. Diopside looks brilliant cut into round and oval shapes and is the perfect choice for earrings, pendants, diopside rings and accent stones.

Diopside is mined mainly in Siberia, as well as Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Burma, Pakistan and the United States.


Diopside Jewelry Care & Handling

Diopside is on the softer side (5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale) so care should be taken to avoid scratches and hard blows. It's best to store your diopside jewelry separately in your Ross-Simons presentation box when not in use. Clean your diopside earrings, necklaces, diopside bracelets and rings with mild soap and water when necessary.