Corundum: The Mineral Behind Ruby and Sapphire Gem Varieties

Corundum is a rock-forming mineral composed of aluminum oxide, but you will better recognize its crystalline gem varieties: ruby and sapphire. The distinguishing feature of these variaties is their coloring. Ruby is red, while sapphire can come in various hues, the most popular and sought-after being the blue variety.

Ross-Simons Corundum Jewelry Collection

17.00 Carat Red Corundum Necklace in Sterling Silver and 14kt Yellow Gold #921271

Corundum is a relatively hard mineral, coming in at a nine on the Mohs gemstone hardness scale. This quality could certainly contribute to its popularity in the world of jewelry, as the hardness of the gemstone lends itself to use in a variety of interesting and beautiful fine jewelry styles and settings.

Natural rubies and sapphires may have their color deepened through the process of heat treatment. This process gives the gemstone's color a more enhanced appearance by exposing it to very high heated temperatures. Additionally, naturally colorless or pale-colored corundum is sometimes dyed to achieve vibrant and desirable colors.

While you'll be pleased to find a plethora of fine ruby jewelry and sapphire jewelry within the Ross-Simons collection, you will also be delighted to discover beautiful and affordable dyed corundum jewelry pieces, as well. Our selection of dyed corundum has the appearance of popular and desirable statement jewels, and is our way of bringing you a big look at a very affordable price.

The word "corundum" derives from the Tamil word "Kurundam" which originally comes from the Sanskrit word "Kuruvinda" meaning ruby. Corundum is a rock-forming mineral composed of aluminum oxide. Its red and blue varieties are well-known as ruby and sapphire.


Corundum Jewelry Care & Handling

Corundum is a relatively hard crystalline mineral, and an excellent choice for everyday, normal wear. Still, it should be protected from scratches and sharp blows. For cleaning, warm soapy water and a soft cloth are safe. Avoid chemicals, heat, and ultrasonic cleaners if the gemstone is dyed. If your corundum is dyed, or has a scratch or fracture, consider a gentler clean by hand with a damp cloth. Store your corundum rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in your Ross-Simons presentation box.