Make a Splash With Vivid Hued Chalcedony Jewelry


Named after an ancient town on the banks of the Bosporus, a very narrow strait that connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, part of the Turkish Straits. The earliest recorded use of chalcedony was for projectile points, knives, tools, and containers such as cups and bowls. Man-made weapons and tools from varieties of chalcedony are highlights in Stone Age museum exhibits worldwide.

Blue Chalcedony Drop Earrings in 18kt Gold Over Sterling. #933887

Available in a wide array of beautiful colors, it is a gorgeous gem that lends itself beautifully to jewelry. Since it occurs in so many forms, patterns, and tones, modern jewelry designers use it to craft elegant pieces with a refreshing style. Chalcedony takes well to carving, and some of our finest chalcedony jewelry is presented in beaded necklaces. It can boost good vibes and help you attain a balanced mind and body. Legend has it that a thief bound for execution may find freedom and good luck by slipping chalcedony under their tongue.

A family of minerals that is often milky gray or bluish in color. Chalcedony includes a number of stones—the inky black of onyx, the waxy red of carnelian, the wide-ranging palette of agate, and the brownish-red hue of bloodstone. This gemstone is essentially a mix of microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz and moganite. If you're looking to introduce an element of color to your wardrobe, chalcedony jewelry is a great choice. Chalcedony is a semiprecious stone and relatively durable, rating 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings we have in our chalcedony jewelry collection provide an extraordinary glimpse into the multi-faceted personality of this beautiful gemstone.


Blue Chalcedony Jewelry

A popular variety of this gemstone, blue chalcedony, comes in all delightful shades of this hue. An airy pale blue has a soothing feel and pairs beautifully with sterling silver or white gold for serene accessories. Match with your favorite white dress or a pair of shorts and crop top for a breezy summer look. The icy tones of blue chalcedony blend well with other gems in similar colors like aquamarine, larimar, and turquoise for chic accessories that represent the colors of the ocean. We love a pair of fancy drop earrings embellished with blue topaz, aqua chalcedony, and larimar. The different gradients of blue in each stone come together for an eye-catching design that's a treat for lovers of blue-hued jewelry.

Looking for something more bold and dramatic? Try dark blue chalcedony earrings set in yellow gold. The yellow metal amplifies the electric blue of this unique stone for statement earrings that entice focus. Perfect to wear with an evening dress, these stunning earrings capture the mystical beauty of this gemstone.


Agate Gemstones

From jet black to tranquil white, you'll find agate jewelry on both ends of the spectrum. For those looking to create on-trend looks, agate pieces are an ideal choice. A cocktail ring with a large black agate center stone set in white gold is a captivating accessory that makes a bold and stunning impression. Wear it with a dark-colored evening dress, and you're sure to win rave compliments. For ladies who love neutrals, a white agate ring is a superb selection. The white stone exudes grace and simplicity yet helps you achieve a trendy look. How about a cross pendant in white agate? It's a nice way to add more interest to a religious symbol, keeping the look fresh yet subtle. Pair a white agate bead necklace with a pastel-hued dress or a pretty top for a sophisticated touch that's well-suited for special occasions or Sunday church service.


Onyx Jewelry

Onyx jewelry has a smooth finish with dramatic beauty, a favorite ornament for ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans. Black onyx rings are a contemporary take on cocktail rings, with the strong black stone commanding center stage. Onyx pendants and earrings with gold accents add a glam finish to any attire.


Chalcedony Jewelry Care & Handling

While chalcedony is reasonably durable, it can take on scratches, so care requires no more than a gentle polish with a soft cloth. Chalcedony's color can be influenced by sunlight, so we recommend storing away from direct rays in a Ross-Simons presentation box when not in use.