Gemstone Jewelry

A Conversation about Colored Gemstones

presented by Sidney Thomas


The formation of colored gemstones including sapphires, emeralds and rubies is a remarkable process. Imagine the beauties that adorn our hands, ears, wrists and necks originate within the earth. Through a chance combination of intense heat, high pressure and many years, gemstones are formed through the process briefly described below.

Gemstone Jewelry

Molten rock builds below the earth's crust and rises to the top. As it cools, the magma crystallizes and forms minerals. Tremendous pressure may change their chemical structure. This process, combined with the addition or lack of other elements, such as, water or air results in the formation of gemstones.

After the Harvest

After raw gemstones are mined, they are cut and polished. Sidney Thomas offers a variety of colored gemstone cuts from baguette to trillion and every cut in between. To enhance the natural color of a gemstone, boost its transparency and shield it from fading, a heat treatment is usually applied. Once the gemstone is given a final polish, it is ready for jewelry design.

Please Note: Most colored gemstones available today have been treated to bolster their beauty. The colored gemstones and colored diamonds in Sidney Thomas' collection may have been treated. In addition, it is a trade practice to fill select rubies and emeralds to enhance their appearance and clarity.

The Colored Gemstone Collection
by Sidney Thomas

Our gemologists are experts in choosing the most beautiful colored gemstones. With professionally-applied treatment techniques, Sidney Thomas offers a wide assortment of gemstone jewelry in every color, including pink sapphires and the deepest red rubies. Our bracelets, earrings, and rings may feature one gemstone or a brilliant mixture of gemstones for an awe-inspiring effect. Be assured that you can find your desired cut or color gemstone at Sidney Thomas. Choose beautifully.