Estate Jewelry

The Wonderful World of Estate Jewelry

Colorful, fun, exciting and filled with historical and cultural relevance, the world of Estate jewelry offers a beautiful array of treasures to suit every taste. Discovering gorgeous items from the past is an enthralling shopping experience. Imagine finding a Retro-era necklace, an Art Deco vintage bracelet, or even a sparkling diamond ring to add to your jewelry collection.

Interestingly, the term 'Estate jewelry' does not just refer to jewelry that has come from an estate, but includes wonderful pieces that have been previously owned and, as we like to say, "pre-loved." Wearing vintage jewelry is a huge fashion trend on the runways today as designers, looking for something new, turn to the past for inspiration.

Timeless, highly fashionable and oh-so-individual, the luxurious world of Estate jewelry is filled with legends and lore, as well as one-of-a-kind finds, too. Think of the Hope diamond and the legendary lovers, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Moving back in time, the ancient Romans thought that pearls were created when drops of rain permeated the layers of the oysters. Emeralds were considered to have healing powers in the past. The ancient Persians believed that the Earth rested on a sapphire, and the sky was blue due to a reflection from that sapphire. Another legend states that ancient warriors, before going into battle, used to implant small ruby chips under their skin for valor.

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In a world filled with form, color and design, the beautiful Ross-Simons Estate jewelry collection truly stands out as distinctive. Browse this elegant collection and find a treasure of your own!

Care of Vintage Jewelry

Part of Estate jewelry's charm is in its previous ownership and history. Look after your vintage jewelry collection, just like any other heirloom, keep it in good condition and it will grow in value with time. The best part about Estate jewelry is that you get to wear your investment and enjoy it, too!

Ross-Simons Promise

Ross-Simons scours the globe to bring you the most finely crafted, beautifully detailed Estate jewelry at the great prices you expect from us. We stand by the quality and authenticity of all our Estate pieces. All are hand selected and backed by a 30-day return policy.

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Here's a brief synopsis of the different eras of vintage jewelry. Take a trip through time and enjoy the beauty and artistry of Estate jewelry!

Our Estate Jewelry Infographic will also help you learn more about the jewelry during these different eras in an easy to understand visual format.

Victorian Era: 1837-1901

The magic of romance and the allure of gemstones embody the trends of this flourishing time. Designs became ever-more romantic and intricate, and stones such as garnet, amethyst, seed pearl, coral and opal (one of Queen Victoria's particular favorites) abound; as well as diamonds.

Art Nouveau Era: 1890-1915

Art Nouveau jewelry gives center stage to the design itself in a celebration of style, exquisite craftsmanship, and sinuous lines. Asian and mythic themes abound as well, in addition to nature motifs.

Edwardian Era: 1901-1914

Edwardian jewelry, clothing and fashions reflect this era's mood of frivolity with light, decorative layers. The finest Edwardian jewelry mirrors the effect with filigree and a 'white-on-white' look along with millegrain detailing.

Art Deco Era: 1920-1935

As Impressionist and Modern artists collided, Art Deco jewelers took inspiration with medleys of colored, jumbled gemstones that are interspersed with striking color combinations of turquoise and sapphire or coral and diamond. Dramatic!

Retro Era: 1935-1950

Romance and femininity are the perfect escapes from harsh realities of a world in conflict. Captured in romantic movies on-screen, or in real life off-screen romances such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (and just think of the Duchess's jewelry!), charm, elegance and glamour reign supreme.