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1920s Estate Jewelry Collection

The 1920's are often called "The Roaring Twenties," and for good reason! It was a decade of prosperity and progress in the United States, starting out with a "roar" for women's rights. They finally became men's political equals when the 19th Amendment, allowing women to vote and run for office, was ratified in the summer of 1920.

Maybe it was the empowering sense of equality caused by the 19th Amendment, but all of a sudden, women of the 20's were expressing their freedom in a lot more ways than just voting. The political revolution at the beginning of the decade had led to a STYLE revolution, one of the most radical women's movements in fashion history!

As far as jewelry, the one must-have piece of the era became the pearl necklace, now considered a classic. It was a great time for the modern woman, and fashion turned modern as well. New accessories, like headbands and hats atop a short bob haircut, became trendy, and Art Deco style jewelry was all the rage, using strong colors and geometric shapes that gave it a truly new look. The flapper look became popular as well, with skirts and dresses getting shorter than ever before—a sign that women felt empowered in all facets of life, including in their own body. Many of the looks of the 20's came directly from Paris, and specifically from influential designers such as Coco Chanel (whose No. 5 perfume launched in NYC in 1924). Fashion, lifestyle, music, jewelry—everything seemed to blend seamlessly together in this era!

At Ross-Simons, we love the 20's, as is evident in our Estate Collection.

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