Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry: Fond Memories and Fashionable

Have you ever been hit by that 'wow' feeling, that tidal wave of emotion, when you saw a piece of vintage jewelry? Our Estate buyer, Tom put the feeling into words.

"One time, I saw a couple walk into a store. Glancing at the Estate case, the woman stopped cold. She pointed to a pair of vintage earrings in the case and said: 'Those are Russian,' as tears streamed down her face. The woman went on to say that when she was a girl, soldiers took everything from her family's home one night — including her brother. Her grandmother owned a similar pair of earrings. The woman purchased the earrings on the spot. To her, they were priceless."

Jewelry Estate Rings #846786

This woman's childhood memory of a pair of Estate earrings transported her back in time. Vintage jewelry has a strong emotional impact, connecting us to a family member, a memory or a special time in our lives.

Perhaps you have a vintage engagement ring that has been in your family for generations. Surely, a piece like this is filled with sentimental value!