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Unique Engagement Rings: Wow Your Bride to Be


Your love is one of a kind, so find her the perfect engagement ring that reflects that. Whether you choose a diamond engagement ring or one with a gemstone, the ring you choose will be at the center of attention whenever your loved one tells your engagement story. If you're looking for an engagement ring with a unique flair, there are several ways you can make a statement.

C. 2000 Vintage 2.02 Carat Certified Yellow Diamond and .60 ct. t.w. White Diamond Engagement Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold. #937544

Select a Unique Diamond Cut

Diamond rings come in a wide range of diverse cuts, each of which has its own benefits and selling points. The most popular option is a round-cut diamond, maximizing the stone's shine when the light hits it. For those wanting to move away from the more popular options, there are several others to consider.

A princess-cut offers a vintage feel and crisp corners that create a bold, geometrical style. If you want the general style of a princess-cut without the sharp corners, consider a cushion-cut diamond. This option combines a square-cut with softly rounded corners, creating a traditional and timeless look. Another option that really stands out is the pear-shaped diamond, which embodies a vintage ring style. Pear-shaped diamonds are also relatively rare, so this is an excellent option if you want a ring that your loved one can show off.


Go Bold With a Colorful Center Stone

While a colorless diamond engagement ring is always in style, why not celebrate your love with a brilliant fancy-colored diamond or gemstone? Fancy-colored diamonds are much rarer than colorless diamonds, and the combination of a diamond's shine and a gemstone's bold color is sure to draw attention. Popular fancy diamond colors include pink, blue, red, and yellow. Generally, the stronger a fancy diamond's color is, the more expensive it will be.

With a gemstone as your center stone, you can get the appeal and shine of an engagement ring while still staying within your budget. This is an excellent option if your beloved has a favorite color you can showcase in your engagement ring. Note that diamonds are the most popular choice because of their hardness on the Mohs scale. If you opt for a gemstone engagement ring, choose a stone that can stand up to daily wear without getting scratched.


Explore Creative Ring Settings

If you ask someone to close their eyes and imagine an engagement ring, they will likely picture a solitaire setting. This timeless option features a single stone set on a plain band with prongs. Shoppers interested in a more unique option often look into less common ring settings.

One gorgeous option to consider is the cathedral setting. This is especially popular for those who love vintage-inspired jewelry, as the details and extra height definitely add an elegant flair. A cathedral setting builds on the basic solitaire design. The band features arches that reach up and encase the top of the diamond, drawing attention to it. These rings often have additional detail work on the tops and sides of the arches, creating a stunner that is beautiful from every angle.

You might also explore some halo engagement rings. While halo settings are beautiful for diamonds of every size, they are especially striking with smaller carat weights. They encircle the center stone with a band of smaller diamonds or gemstones, adding to the shine and size of the center stone.

Other options you might explore as you look for the perfect unique engagement ring include the split shank, three-stone, and tension settings.


Experiment With Various Metal Options

Finding the suitable metal for your chosen engagement ring involves considering your partner's preferences and general style. Popular options include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Beyond these options, though, you can also look into rings that combine different metal types for a striking look.

Some styles enhance the color and size of the diamond. An engagement ring with a yellow gold band and white gold or platinum prongs allow the colorless shine of the diamond to take center stage. Others draw attention to the detailed work within the ring itself. For example, a halo engagement ring with a white gold band and rose gold setting highlights the beauty of every single stone in the halo setting. Another unique option is a ring that intertwines bands of different metal types.


Create a One-of-a-Kind Bridal Set

If you've already selected a unique engagement ring, you can make it truly one-of-a-kind by choosing your own wedding band to match it. Bridal sets ensure a matching style and fit, but mixing and matching allow you to create your own style. Look at what you love about the engagement ring, and then consider how different wedding bands can highlight those features. Some choose wraparound wedding rings that surround the engagement ring on both sides, adding shine and size to the set. Others prefer a simple diamond band that lies flat against the engagement ring, allowing the engagement ring to steal the show.


Engagement Ring FAQs

Which gemstones work best as center stones?

Looking at the Mohs scale of hardness, you can see which gemstones are hardest and most resistant to scratching. This is important for engagement rings since they are meant to stand up to the rigors of daily wear. Some gemstones that rank high on this scale include synthetic moissanite, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and topaz.

How can shoppers find a wedding ring that matches a unique engagement ring?

When shopping for a wedding band, it's best to have the engagement ring with you to see what they look like together. Look for wedding rings that fit comfortably around or next to the engagement ring and showcase the engagement ring's beauty. Consider your loved one's lifestyle, as well. Those who work with their hands, including those in healthcare or manufacturing, might prefer a wedding band that lies flat against the ring and does not add height.

What is the rarest diamond cut?

Some of the rarest and most unique diamond cuts include the Asscher, radiant, and cushion-cut. Finding a stunning unique engagement ring is an exciting step in your relationship. As long as you think about your loved one and what will make them smile, you'll find a ring that takes their breath away.