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Shopping Together For Engagement Rings

A man chooses to fly solo through engagement ring shopping and proposing, checking out rings and making dinner reservations without the woman's knowledge. This scenario is extremely common, but there is a growing trend that is re-shaping the entire path to marriage.

Shopping for Engagement Rings Together

More and more couples are shopping for engagement rings together. With Ross-Simons' vast collection of male and female engagement rings, you'll find this shared experience easy, memorable, and affordable too.

This certainly makes the process easier on both parties (after all, you SHOULD know her answer if she's choosing the ring). However, a joint ring shopping experience brings about its own set of challenges, which we've laid out in an easy-to-read fashion:

You Still Should Know What She Wants

It's less stressful picking out her perfect ring when she's there to point you in the right direction. However, you should still have a general idea of what she wants in an engagement ring. Pay attention to the designs of rings she currently wears, set a budget both of you are comfortable with, and be honest in your feedback on diamond size and cut.

Shopping Online Together?

Shopping Online Together for Engagement Rings

If you opt for the online shopping experience, Ross-Simons has the diamond engagement ring you're looking for in your preferred price range. Although you can't physically feel the ring you want to buy, shopping online has some notable perks.

The Internet (and Ross-Simons' own selection) offers a wealth of visual and expert resources to answer any question you have about metal types, stone shapes, band designs, and diamond cuts.

The process is also very intimate when you and your soon-to-be finance shop online for engagement rings. You certainly don't have to worry about a salesman up-selling you into an uncomfortable price range.

Other Tips For Joint Engagement Ring Shopping

While the design and feel of the engagement ring may have lost its "luster of surprise," it's important to remember that she doesn't know how you're going to slip that ring on her finger. If anything, the effects of that surprise are enhanced because of her built-up anticipation for that special moment.

Ask her lots of questions. Joint ring shopping doesn't always mean she'll be next to you throughout the whole process. Sometimes it just involves her providing explicit likes and dislikes, entrusting you to use that as a roadmap to a final decision. See if she has used social media (Facebook, Pinterest) to communicate her desires; Pinterest is especially popular among prospective brides.

However you and your impending fiance decide to shop for engagement rings together, Ross-Simons has the perfect ring to express your lifetime commitment to each other.